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Why the New York Bicycle Film Festival is Such a Hot Trend Nowadays

Why the New York Bicycle Film Festival is Such a Hot Trend Nowadays

Bike Film Festival

Before 2013, the New York Bicycle Film Festival was not very popular. Actually, it was limited to bikers. It has been around since the beginning of the new millennium. When you consider the proportions that it has grown to over the past two years- 2014 and 2015, there is a lot of change. It is a big deal in New York. This is partly because a large proportion of New York’s 8 million plus population is opting to ride to work. They have left the driving to the likes of Donald Trump. Riding a bicycle in New York is a perilous adventure. Every day there is the risk of being hit by a bus or some drunk driver.

Still, the biking spirit prevails across the state from Manhattan to Brooklyn and far beyond. The thing about New York is that it has something for everyone. The New York Bike Film Festival is ideal for everyone who loves bicycles and has a thing for going out and about using one. Most New Yorkers either walk to work or ride to work. The traffic hold-ups are just too much for many handle. If you are one of these people who love biking then you should make an effort to attend these events. You are guaranteed to interact with other like-minded people.

Film Festival with a difference

This film festival is one with a difference. New York hosts a whole lot of film festivals, what with celebrities crowding the place? However, it is hard to find one that is unique for people who love cycling. It does not matter whether you bike professionally or you do it for the sake of fulfilling the needs of your workout program, this is the festival for you. This festival is designed for every kind of biker’s interests.

At a film festival, you will be expecting to find things like screenings online. However, at the New York Bicycle Film Fest you are definitely going to find more than this. For people whose lives revolve around music, there are concerts to be enjoyed. Those who cannot go to an art festival without picking up a bunch of street antics for decorating their homes or offices will find these at this festival. There are parties and art shows and a whole lot of other things to keep you engaged.

Most of all, the thing that you will get to enjoy most is getting to meet other people with similar interests as you do. You get to find out about fancy accessories to add to your bicycle like the Garmin 910xt bike mount and such things. This is the place to learn all the latest bike technology.

Shop cheaply

One of the best places to shop for items cheaply is at festivals and tradeshows. This festival is the finest place to shop for bike items at a very cheap price. You will not have to break the bank in the name of shopping for a brand new cell phone mount or a stylish computer interface for your bike. You can do that at this festival.


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