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Why the Vape Industry Will Continue to Grow

Why the Vape Industry Will Continue to Grow

In many ways, the vaping industry has begun to surpass their arch-rivals; the tobacco industry. More and more people are turning their heads toward the trend to experience everything it has to offer. Of course, more than anything else it’s a trend, and trends mean a good time for any industry out there.

Consequently, here’s why the vape industry will continue to grow.

Health Benefits?

To be clear, vaping isn’t completely risk free. After all, barely anything really is if it’s not used in a controlled and measured way. Still, with all the media coverage about smoking bans and the health concerns for smokers and those around them, vaping is certainly a worthy substitute for many people out there. It’s the next best thing, and there’s quite a clear divide between the benefits of vaping and the drawbacks of smoking.

Of course, smokers are finding their lives shortened in more ways than one. Whether it’s lung cancer or being refused entry to many different places, keeping up that habit can now be something of a stressful bother rather than ‘taking the load of’, so to speak. Vaping is free of that stigma, so people will be more inclined to indulge in a habit that’s more about fun and less about it actively trying to kill them.

A Popular Hobby

For many people, vaping is a past-time, as they try and test products and flavours and all the accessories that come with them. Moreover, it’s a tiered experience too, meaning new vapers won’t quite have the same enjoyment yet as a more practiced vaper. Whereas smoking requires the purchase of a single packet, vaping actually requires some skill and expertise to get going, and thus more possibilities and interest.

It’s all readily available too. For example, vapers are getting their quality products from the likes of VIP, gaining their supplies quickly for affordable prices. Additionally, such services even provide guidance and instruction on how to vape, intricately outlining the different kits that are available to use. The community appeal is strong for many people here, as vapers learn from one another to find out what works for them.

Technology Improvements

There was little wiggle room when it came to smoking. After all, the cigarettes themselves were essentially stuck inside bland boxes, of which were even branded with the insignia ‘smoking kills’ in bold black letters. Obviously, this isn’t appealing or particularly marketable for that matter, not even to those who have the most persistent smoking addictions. The entire habit is wrapped up in negative connotations, permanently.

However, because vaping and all its accessories amount to technology, there’s room for the industry to grow here too. New flavours, LEDs and other supplements can be released constantly. Whereas smoking was rather stagnant in bouts of bad news, shops the world over now can, at least annually, offer something new to their customers. It’s an exciting prospect for regulars to a store, and for those running said stores too; there’s now more reasons for people to visit, and thus more money to be made.



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