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Why Trimming Your Nose Hairs Could Be a Good Idea?

Why Trimming Your Nose Hairs Could Be a Good Idea?

Most women hate the idea of nose hairs and they dislike nose hairs even more than bad breath. Women could easily be turned off by men who have nose hairs. So it is a good idea to get rid of your undesirable and unsightly nose hairs. We know that trimming nose hair could prove to be slightly problematic. Reaching into your nostrils for trimming nasal hairs with scissors could be an unpleasant experience.  Instead, you could use a nose trimmer.

A nose hair trimmer seems to be a much better option than trimming nose hairs yourself using a pair of scissors. Trimming with scissors could be quite dangerous. You may miss out some of the hairs. Moreover, you may get poked with the sharp and pointed edges of the scissors and cause damage. Plucking nose hairs could be a really painful process and may end up causing ingrown hairs and small lesions inside the nose. The safest way of removing nose hairs is by using a nose hair trimmer. In this context, you must understand that nose hair trimmers have been designed specifically for use in your nose so it is really safe as compared to all other grooming tools. Moreover, it is possibly the most efficient and quickest way of removing all nose hairs in just one go. A well-made premium-quality trimmer would last throughout your life.

How Can You Operate a Nose Hair Trimmer?

Some of the advanced trimmers would be having a rotating disc which causes the blade to move in a circle while some have disks which would be effectively moving the blades in the left and right directions. Both types of trimmers are quite effective. Some trimmers seem to be rechargeable or corded while others are manual or battery operated. A premium nose hair trimmer has three core features to keep in mind.

  • Good Construction
  • A Good Motor
  • Some Additional Features

Factors to Consider While Buying a Nose Hair Trimmer

Size and Comfort

If you have no plans of carrying your nose hair trimmer while traveling, you should not bother about the portability of the device. However, those people who are planning to carry it along in their grooming accessories kit, the trimmer must be perfect for fitting into a small space. A small handy device is preferred by everyone as it is quite difficult to effectively remove nose hairs with the help of a bulky unmanageable tool.

You must choose a compact design for convenient and easy storage. Most models could be fitting easily inside your compact medicine cabinet. Buy a nose hair trimmer that boasts easy grip particularly, if it is actually a waterproof model that you would use in the bathtub.

Trimmer Head Type

You must choose carefully while buying a nose hair trimmer. Check out the features and the convenience. Consider the trimmer head type while buying a new device. There are three popular trimmer head options including side action trimmer, foil guard trimmer, and also, the rotary trimmer head.

Electric or Batteries

Some trimmers are actually designed in such a manner that they could be plugged easily into an outlet. There are still others that are battery-operated and run solely on battery. Choose as per your requirements and convenience.

Easy to Clean

You may buy waterproof trimmers that could be rinsed thoroughly with water. The trimmers that are non-waterproof require much more effort to clean them. The blade and the head require being removed for proper cleaning. However, there are good cleaning brushes available within the pack for making your cleaning job simpler.


Do not pluck nose hairs as it is not hygienic and sanitary and may lead to undesirable infections. A nose hair trimmer is a fantastic tool that would leave behind a little portion of your hair inside the nostrils to keep the nose protected from any infections or lesions. Keep the above-discussed factors in mind while purchasing a nose hair trimmer.

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