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Why Watches Are the Best Signifiers of Style Sense

Why Watches Are the Best Signifiers of Style Sense

Whether it’s a man in a three-piece suit or a woman in an elegant dress, nobody can call themselves completely stylish until they’ve outfitted themselves with a watch. And it can’t be just any watch; it should be a timepiece that lets the world know exactly how stylish you are without doing so in an obnoxious manner. The best watches are the ones that call attention to the wearer in almost a subliminal fashion, as people around him or she has their eyes drawn to it without even realizing its happening.

If you are someone who is struggling to come up with a style identity, finding a great watch can be the perfect place to start. The watch will help to set up the rest of your wardrobe, whether you’re going for class, comfort, sportiness, casualness, dressy, playful or any other type of mood or look that strikes you. In fact, it’s not the worst idea in the world to build your outfit for each day based on which timepiece that you plan to wear.

Once you make a commitment to buy a luxury watch to really define your personal style, make sure to find the very best selection from a dealer like Parmigiani that’s been in the business for a long time. Here are just a few of the ways that a watch can tell the world about your style perhaps even more than your clothes can.

The Finishing Touch

It is difficult, especially for men, to find a way to top off an outfit with just the right touch that will really define personal style. Women can often do it with jewelry, although women who then compliment that with a well-chosen watch can really send their look over the top. For men, a watch gives them that opportunity to add just the right grace note to what they’re wearing. It also gives men a chance to have a kind of wow factor that can be difficult to pull off otherwise.

For the Occasion

If you can afford to do so, it’s a great style idea to have an assortment of excellent timepieces at your disposal. In this way, you can make your selection based on exactly what the occasion might be. You wouldn’t wear a suit to a cookout or don shorts and sandals at a society dinner. In the same way, you wouldn’t wear a formal watch to an informal occasion, and vice versa. Having at least a few from which to choose can set your style apart.

The Trademark

One of the ways that you can suggest to people what you want out of your style efforts without coming out and telling them is to use your timepiece as a kind of trademark. Maybe you always choose a certain brand, or you prefer thick, bulky watches to thin, lithe ones. Whatever it is, the watch can become the defining factor in your style.

Those people who are trying to convey a sense of style without a great watch (or several) are facing an uphill climb. Use a timepiece to show people what your look is all about.


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