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Why You Should Adopt A Dog Today

Why You Should Adopt A Dog Today

Many people are often unaware of the infinite and immeasurable advantages of adopting a pet. If you are still in the process of thinking about whether to get a pet or adopt one, adopting a pet is the best thing you could do. They say when you adopt a dog, you may not change the world but you do change that dog’s world.

Adopting a dog is not only about rescuing a single animal; it is actually two animal lives that you have saved, considering the animal that will take the place of the dog you adopted at the shelter. If everyone did this, imagine how many dogs would be rescued off the street. There are many loving and adorable animals waiting to find the right owner to love and will be there to groom and care for them after adoption. The following are some of the reasons why should adopt:

Save a dog’s life

There are millions of animals that are euthanized every year in the United States because they are not adopted. There are many animals that come into the shelters everyday and with very little room and resources to give, the animal shelter has to reduce the number in one of two ways, either through adoption or by putting the animals down.

It is a great bargain

Getting an animal from a shelter does not mean you have to adopt a disease-ridden, breedless dog. All the animals that come into the adoption program are given medical care, vaccinations, spayed or neutered and kept disease-free. When you buy a pet, all of these costs will be included in the price and it will be quite expensive. Instead of spending a lot of money that is not much different from that in an animal shelter, you can find a huge selection of dogs and get to pick one that you are able to create the strongest bond with.

Fight puppy mills

Buying a dog from a pet store or online sellers is not much different from buying it directly from the puppy mills. The dog business has become much commercialized and with increasing demands for pets, puppy mills are thriving. The problem with puppy mills is the factory style breeding of animals which has become more about profit than the welfare of the animal. They are kept in poor housing conditions and end up becoming sick or having behavioral problems. The breeding animals are kept in cages and bred over and over without any companionship, love or care.

It is easy to adopt

Animal shelters are always looking for people to adopt dogs, so you do not have to worry about a lengthy adoption process. The shelter official will make it extremely easy so you can take your new pet home as soon as possible to make way for another suffering animal.

Pets are good for your health

There is no doubt that dogs are a man’s best friend. Dogs are loyal and loving to their owners. Their happy faces and wagging tails can be just what you need after a long day of work. You can be sure that if no one else is happy to see you, your dog will be overjoyed when you are back from work.


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