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Why You Should Update Your Home for Market Value

Why You Should Update Your Home for Market Value

Our homes are everything to us and we want them to retain their value over the years. It’s important to keep up with maintenance and make sure every part of your house is in working order. The reason is that you might consider home improvement or selling your home to the right buyer. Take the time to walk around and find out what needs to be repaired or updated. Are your pipes rusted or do you have wires sticking out from units regarding heating or air conditioning? Whatever the case, make sure your home is in the best shape possible to get a good market value upon  selling your home.

Market trends

Consider and follow market trends that are happening around you. This could be a demand of home buyers looking for pools or patios attached to all homes they are interested in. Use the internet to find out what home improvement is in demand and what people are looking for. These market trends can tell you want you need to change in your specific house to increase home value. If you have a pool, then make sure it’s clean and operating. There is nothing worse then showing buyers a pool that doesn’t work or has brown nasty water. Consider if it’s a great time to increase home value by following local market trends. This helps you determine if you can charge a bit more on your home and get offers you didn’t expect.


Consider the costs of upgrading your home. Look at everything on your house that’s needs repair and will up your resale value. It’s a daunting experience to learn a lot of these repairs will affect your wallet. You can take all upgrades slowly so you’re not overwhelmed. Often when considering the costs to upgrade, we find it’s not worth it. Make a comprehensive list to outline all costs against repair expenses. This will give you a snapshot on where to begin or if you need to start at all. Don’t let costs deter you from upgrading your home. Find ways to get around these new expenses you didn’t expect when trying to sell your home.

Realtor or flipper?

Think about hiring a realtor or flipper to upgrade your home. These people deal with the home market daily and can give you good insights. Allow them to share their knowledge of what the resale value for your home is in the current market. Realtors have a keen eye and constantly know what homes are moving in the market. They can help you avoid many mistakes you didn’t foresee coming when you got started. Consider what a flipper can do and use them to their full potential. They could take your existing residence and turn it into a magnificent home you didn’t think was possible. Flippers are trained in transforming boring homes into something brand new. It’s up to you regarding who’s the best to hire. You never know until you try the services of each one.


Upgrading your home will take time. You’ll be bombarded with picking out the right contractor who can handle all jobs. This could be from patio work to repairing any area of your home that’s operating poorly. Whomever you hire, it shouldn’t take months to do the work. Settle on someone who is good with time management. No one wants to sit around waiting for months for their home to look decent. If you are clear in the beginning on what you want, then the contractor should be able to get to work fast. Make sure you discuss your time needs in the first interview and don’t wait no more than a week for a plan or response. The market value can change in an instant depending on where the economy is and you’ll need to act fast. 

These are some of the things to consider when updating your home to increase it’s market value. Make sure you examine the market trends in your area. Use the internet to inform you on what homes are flying off the market and into buyer’s hands. This can give you a good idea of what needs upgrading and what doesn’t. Always account for the costs to upgrade. If you avoid this step, you might be spending more than your budget allows. A realtor or flipper could make you day when upgrading. For one, they can share their knowledge of the market where another can look at you house and see the needed improvement. Find the individual that works with your tastes. Consider the amount of time it takes for contractors to upgrade your house. Pick people who have good skills and who can act within a foreseeable amount of time. It makes no sense to wait for months until your home is upgraded.


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