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Why You Shouldn’t Postpone Your Travel Plans In 2018

Why You Shouldn’t Postpone Your Travel Plans In 2018

Experiencing a new place and its culture by going on a trip or living abroad for a while has a lot of benefits. You meet new people, witness crazy things happen and get to see amazing sights while learning about the world and yourself. While travelling at any age is a good thing, there are some serious advantages of travelling while you’re young. Here are six reasons why you shouldn’t postpone that trip abroad anymore:

  1. The best time is now!

Apart from when you’re young, you’re never going to get to be completely selfish and silly and go on an adventure. So, be selfish and do something for yourself before you fall into the worldly trap of getting a job or planning a family. There is no need to fear if you already have responsibilities such as student loans etc. You can work abroad to pay off your loans while satisfying your travel fantasies.

  1. Throw yourself a challenge!

You may’ve just graduated from college or spent some time on a job that you didn’t enjoy – sometimes you just need a break from the usual and what can be a better way to challenge yourself into something unconventional than venturing into a different country and mix things up. You aren’t going to feel more independent than this. Ever.

  1. Understand finance

Understanding money and how to spend it is a life skill. There is no better way of learning it than going out in the practical world on tight funds and budgeting in another currency. If you can do that, you’d be a Master of Finance! Learning how to spend your money wisely is a skill that’ll come handy for the rest of your life.

  1. Who knows what’ll happen when you’re older?

Working while you’re young and travelling after you retire is a popular notion but not entirely practical. What if you don’t have the finances to pay for a trip when you’re old? What if your health doesn’t allow you to travel? You’ll probably never be in better shape than you are in your youth, so do it now – when you’re most capable!

  1. Develop your instincts

There’s no doubt that travelling to or living in a foreign country is going to be challenging. There will be times when you’ll be scared, tired, and feel alone, but these moments will make you learn to go with your gut feeling and trust your judgement and do what you feel comfortable with.

  1. The experience of a lifetime

While it may be hard for you to believe, there are things more important than your work experience and your resume or CV. While everyone seems to be hunting internships and jobs in this competitive world, going on a trip might seem out of place. But, most of all, young people deserve to have an opportunity to experience life outside college and office really. While it does seem risky to take a break from all the noise, routine and goals around you, the experience you’ll gain will be more than worth it!

Get Ready for a Holiday

Travel but not before you buy a travel insurance policy. Though you may be excited to travel the world, don’t forget to prepare yourself for that. Even when you are travelling for fun and pleasure, unforeseen events like accidents, flight cancellation, lost passport, etc.; can arise to disturb your journey. It is essential to buy an overseas travel insurance policy to shield yourself from such accidents.

Though, we wish a safe and happy journey to you, go with a comprehensive travel insurance policy to secure it. In case of any issue, your one call to the insurer would take care of your worries. Moreover, almost all travel insurance companies in India have their representatives abroad. It means, if you land yourself in trouble in a foreign land, you can easily reach out to your travel insurer whose representative would help you there.

Make memories

Memories are the best part of travelling. You will always remember the breath-taking sights you saw, you’ll always have a favourite city in some other country in the world, that perfect sunset shall forever be etched in your mind, and you’ll remember the people you met and the conversations you had. This has to be the biggest reason why you should travel – to make memories. You won’t find anyone who says they’ve travelled too much in life whereas you’ll find enough people who wish they had travelled more when they could. Live your life, experience new things, do something scary or outright crazy and cherish those memories for the rest of your life.

Travel is one thing you shall never regret!



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