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Women Making it Happen in 2021

Women Making it Happen in 2021

Who runs the world….

Women are out to make 2021 a better place for mankind. Ladies all across America are doing wonderful things to help get us through one of the most difficult moments in modern history.

Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff, was honored at the 2020 Power Women of Long Island presented by Schneps Media and Dan’s Papers, which took place at St. Andrews Church in Southampton, NY.  Jean was honored with the Philanthropist of the Year Award for her continuous work in philanthropy. Launched in 1990 by Schneps Media’s President Victoria Schneps this event was founded to empower women and connect them with each other. The event honors and recognizes successful business, community, cultural, political, civic and religious female leaders. The event includes a business expo and trade show with networking followed by a dinner and awards ceremony.

(Photo by Rob Rich)

Southampton’s Business Revitalization Committee, developed by former Trustee Kimberly Alan in 2019 to promote year round tourism and activities for, watched as families moved to their summer homes, rented year-round, and took extended stays at the Southampton Inn to ride out the pandemic in a bucolic setting by the beach.

(Photo by Jan Mackin)

But there is a little known dark side to the idyllic village. With over 80 families in need of food and proper shelter and clothing due to the pandemic, Roseanne Gentile from Southampton Elementary School spoke with representatives of the BRC to determine how and whether the local business organization could assist. Within a few weeks the BRC created a synergistic program for local business to have bowed holiday boxes to collect from their customers. Neighbors shopped local to pick up special promotions and drop funds into the boxes. By December 20th, over $10,000 was raised from over 50 small businesses within the Village. Some shops offered the families gift certificates for clothing. Some restaurants offered turkeys and Christmas cookies. And shop owners, usually independent boutiques, came together to assist their neighbors.

While the holidays were the impetus for this targeted program, many local businesses are continuing to provide food and clothing and funds throughout the winter. “Nobody within our very special village should be hungry” said Shannon Willey, chair of the BRC. “We offered take-out picnics all summer to village visitors.  Now we are packaging picnics for our neighbors in need” said Dede Moan from Southampton Inn.

And, finally life coach Brenda Di Bari is revolutionizing what it means to be a working mom who wants to protect your children as equally as her own. Her inspirational e-books are teaching women how to cope in 2021.

“The pandemic has had a profound effect on every person, whether we even realize to what extent this is true. I see this effect on clients in my work both as a life coach and as a real estate broker. People are doing a lot of soul searching as the typical distractions of life have been stripped away. Those who are feeling assertive about achieving goals are digging deeper to discover their why. People are closely examining their day-to-day existence, including their priorities in every detail of how and where they live,” she states.

And reflecting on the life lessons of this last year, she also expresses the need to discuss suicide awareness for teens to helping single mothers learn how to have self-care.

“The best advice I can share as it relates to the challenges we are facing today is to keep present in your mind that change is constant. What we experience today is here to teach us, and if we rise to the challenge, we will grow and be better than ever before. The struggle we have today will not last forever and if I dare say it, we will grow and learn from this time of challenge. On a daily basis it is important to draw your focus to things that add to your sense of well-being. For some this may mean meditating and exercise. For others this may mean making more time for reading or watching movies we’ve meant to see. The important thing is to make a focused effort to be accepting of yourself and move toward the things that improve your day.”

Here is to all the women out to make 2021 a year of hope.

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

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