Women Who Made Waves with Their Inventions

Women Who Made Waves with Their Inventions

Female inventors aren’t spoke of as much as male ones. Read on to learn about some of the most impactful inventions of women.

Women have contributed a lot of inventions to society and yet don’t get talked about nearly enough for their achievements. We’re going over some of the most impactful inventions of women in this guide. We hope they get people talking.

Stephanie L. Kwolek – inventor of Kevlar

Polish inventor Stephanie L. Kwolek and her team are credited with creating the material that will come between you and a bullet. She was a chemist at DuPont’s Pioneering Research Laboratory, which created synthetic fibers, including the material you will find on every police officer, riot police, and soldier.

The lightweight, heat-resistant synthetic fiber was invented in 1966 and is incorporated into vests and other protective equipment to keep people safe in dangerous situations.

Angela Spang – inventor of the Galaxy II self-retaining retractor

If you know nothing about surgery, you at least know it has to be clean. You know that it is very complicated and that technological advancements are the key to medical advancements.

Medicine improves daily due to the day-by-day advancements of already established tools and the breakthrough inventions of new ones.

Angela Spang’s development of the Galaxy II self-retaining retractor from June Medical falls into the former category. The retractor was a vital tool, sitting alongside the scalpel in terms of its usefulness, but it had flaws. Designed to keep the patient open while on the table, it would need adjusting by an assistant every so often, as the surgeon would have his hands full, to say the least.

With the invention of the self-retaining retractor, Spang has allowed that assistant to disappear from the room. That’s important because the more people in the operating theatre, the more likely the patient is to suffer contamination. The self-retaining retractor makes every operation safer for the patient and easier for the surgeon.

Mary Shelley – inventor of modern horror

Okay, maybe we’re stretching the term “inventor” a little here since horror as a literary genre has been around as long as language exists. There are fables, folk songs, poetry, etc. But, if you were to mention the greats of horror, it’s likely you would mention the names of Edgar Allen Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, and Lord Byron, forgetting that the great Mary Shelley predates all of them.

Not only that, but she was one of the first and most prominent people to write of science fiction. What else would you call a story of man trying to be God through scientific advancements? So, that, on top of her pioneering Gothic horror, makes her the leader of at least three genres and has created one of the most enduring monster characters in history.

Madam C. J. Walker – inventor of a range of Black-focused beauty products

Madam C. J. Walker was the first female self-made millionaire, made even more impressive when you realise she was Black and born to a family of slaves. The entrepreneur was an inventor of beauty and hair care products designed for Black customers, which you can imagine from the timeline of the late 19th century, were thin on the ground.


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