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Working On These 4 Skills Could Promote You To Manager

Working On These 4 Skills Could Promote You To Manager

No matter what your career is, it’s likely that somebody is working above you. Most people eventually start craving an increase in responsibility, but if you work with several others that want the same, you’ll have to prove you’re the most qualified for the job. 

If you’re itching to move up in the workplace, you’re going to need to stand out for the right reasons and prove that you have the technical skills, interpersonal skills, and conceptual skills to lead your team.

Here are four skills you can develop to increase your odds of getting a promotion.

1. Negotiating

Negotiating is an interpersonal skill. Working on negotiating in financial and interpersonal situations will teach you how to guide the flow of a conversation and make compromises. 

Even people who have firmly established themselves in the world of executive business continue to train their negotiation skills, such as operations and marketing expert Jasdeep Singh, who will be featured in The Negotiation Center’s upcoming worldwide competition. 

Negotiating is a skill that helps you throughout your entire career, no matter how far along you are. 

2. Planning

Planning is a technical skill that’s critical for any leader. Specifically, we’re talking about the ability to prepare for busy times and work through stress within set constraints of time, labor, and budget. 

If you’re trying to work on your planning skills, try starting small and making detailed plans for your personal life. Get in the habit of writing daily lists in a planner and crossing off each task throughout the day. 

Even though there’s a big difference between planning out your week and determining a regional branch’s quarterly profit goals, successful strategizing starts here. 

3. Problem-solving

Problem-solving is a conceptual skill, but depending on the field you work in, you’ll likely have to use some technical and interpersonal skills to get anything done. This is because solving problems can often take some unconventional thinking. 

You’ll have to prepare to think on your feet in stressful times and develop unique ways to solve dilemmas. Easier said than done, right? Well, you can give yourself a boost by researching several types of problem-solving.

In management, the ability to solve problems means identifying an issue and the best way to approach that issue for the most optimal outcome. If you can demonstrate your problem-solving skills as a manager, it will help instill a sense of confidence in those working below you. 

4. Domain Knowledge

Your knowledge of your industry will never be complete; there’s always new information to study and insights to gain. However, you can stand out from other candidates by proving that you’re invested in learning everything you can about your operations.  

You may work in an environment that’s fast-paced, where managing employees and thinking fast is more important than knowing about the industry. However, you can bring knowledge about business trends and psychology to the table. The more knowledge you can contribute, the more your managers will appreciate you…and take you seriously for a position. 

Every workplace is different, and not everyone will prepare for a management position in the same way. However, you can set yourself up as a great candidate by focusing on negotiating, planning, problem-solving, and domain knowledge.

If you’ve got your eye on a particular managerial job or promotion, start analyzing the person that’s higher up than you and take notes. From there, it’s just a matter of practice and patience until you’re moving up!


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