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World famous Classic Rock Artists

World famous Classic Rock Artists

Rock music is something that you can’t really clarify within a few sentences! Just like Rock artists are the person who really deals with a mega-hit genre on a very popular and giant scale of people acceptance! Because you will find their fans in every corner of the world!! YEAH…

Now if we talk about classic rock, one of the most popular genres of Rock music, along with Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, etc. 

These classic Rock artists are something who has something to tell you, and a message to spread out! And it really doesn’t matter if they are the solo artists or as a band!

The History of Classic Rock artists:

The origin of the classic Rock era lasted (1940-1960) so we can say that it has a long-time evolving process! But the real-time evolution started early 70’z when their actual Hard Rock gesture, posture, loud sounds, punk, and rude life style started to flourish with the help of bands like Pink Floyd and Sex Pistols!

In 1980, it got a more mature shape and this time it started to spread around the world with many new comer solo artist and bands as well. No need to say, this time their fan base started to grow up as well! 

This time they got more Alternative and progressive Rock attitude with several iconic bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Dream Theater, Nirvana, Metallica. And several genres started to produced like Grunge, Thrash Metal, etc.

The evolution of Rock Artists:

Back in the era of 90’z Rock got a new shape along with Rap! What latterly known as Nu-Rock, Nu-Metal, with the help of the bands like Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Blink 182, Green Day, etc. That also what we can call the Re-Emerge of the Classic Rock!!  

Some other bands like Foo-Fighter, Red Hot Chili Pepper, Sound Garden, Three doors Down made that revolution more stylistic, Curious and modernized according to the current extent which is still an on going process even in modern days! 

Name of world-famous classic Rock artists: 

Let’s name of world-famous classic Rock artists of the world, who really inspired their later genres to the rolled on the world music scenario:

The Beatles:

The pioneer Classic rock artists of all time and I’m sure you already know them really well. The father of the Pop Rock, Classic Rock, Progressive Rock with the proud contributor of the British invasion on the world music scenario! 

The Doors:

American psychedelic Rock band led by the powerhouse like Jim Morrison, who let the world knew how to perform live with a pure form of Rock N’ Roll attitude along with the deep meaningful lyrics!

Pink Floyd:

An American psychedelic Rock band who still performs and consider to be the father of Psychedelic Rock because of the mighty Syd Barrette. 

His deep thoughtful lyrics with compositions along with the mind-blowing skill of playing instruments, crazy hell guitar solos still present that band, a band of world’s best classical Rock artists!  

Black Sabbath:

The father of the classic Heavy Metal, one of the pioneer Rock artists of all time. Vocalists like Ozzy, Dio performed a band like Black Sabbath. 


Another British Classic Rock band, where world-famous vocalist like Freddie Mercury performed. After his death, that band is still performing like hell.   


An American Rock band, famously known for being the Classic Rock artists. The inventor of so many world-class tracks such as Hotel California what eventually led them to achieve the Grammy!! 

Eric Clapton:

An English Rock artist, basically a solo performer, famously known for his track like Stairway to heaven. Wrote for his dead son, who fall accidentally from a high-rise building. 

That melancholy paved the way of the invention of a world-famous track it and gave him the award like Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame! MAN…….

 Bob Dylan:

An American singer, lyricist and even author, social worker, husband of another social worker and activist, Joan Baez, father of another famous artist Jacob Dylan. 

Not just several Grammy awards, Bob won his Nobel prize back in 2016! Such a milestone for a Classic Rock Artist, and I’m sure, I don’t have to tell you, how precious can it be as a human being, not just an artist!! 

To know more about Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal please take a look to my Music Researching and blogging website: 

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