World of Mazes, The Future of VR Storytelling

World of Mazes, The Future of VR Storytelling

The gaming industry has gone through evolution in the last few years, the modern games have become more realistic and fun to play. Game developers are now working on games to make them more immersive and for that Virtual Reality is an ideal option. The VR Gaming industry is growing at fast pace and it is expected to reach the value of 32.8 Billion USD by 2023. There are many good VR video games available in the market and in this guide we will tell you about the “World of Mazes” which is a new VR video game which takes the storytelling to whole new level. Let’s get into it. 

Who is RiseAngle, Inc.?

As the VR gaming industry is growing, many new players are coming into this industry. RiseAngle is a famous immersive-first (VR/AR) company which is known in the industry for its unique VR/AR video games and World of Mazes is no exception. The company is aiming to become the major publisher of VR and AR video games in the next few years. The company have team of dedicated game developers who have a lot of experience in developing immersive games. The company has also released the games like Maze VR: Ultimate Pathfinding, Jigsaw Puzzle VR and Coin Billionaire AR. 

World of Mazes – The Story 

The Story of World of Mazes starts in an unknown Realm where the princess has been kidnapped by the unknown powers and she need to be saved and for this purpose, Gelayon – her loyal servant, trapped in the dark mazes, is struggling to find and save her. As a Player, you are also trapped into dark mazes and you will have to help the Gelayon to escape the maze. As the story progresses, you will be interacting with the different characters in the game and you will listen to their stories. In this journey, you will also figure out that you are part of the ancient prophecy. The game has series of puzzles and each puzzle has its side story which will keep you engaged in the game. There are different levels of puzzles and you will have to solve the puzzles to progress in the game. In the journey, apart from having deep conversations with different characters of the game, you will also be collecting items and combining them. 

World of Mazes – Characters

World of Mazes has the following characters in the episode 1.


As we told you earlier, Gelayon is the loyal servant of the princess Maya and he has been working for the princess forever. In the game, Gelayon will tell you the whole story of princess Maya and how she got kidnapped. He will become your companion in the game and you will get benefit from his vast knowledge about the kingdom.


Ayla is another character which you will encounter later in the game, she belongs to the Gua Fairy Tribe which is one of the many fairy tribes in the World of Mazes. Ayla is a merchant by profession and she refused to become a warrior. She likes what she does and she sells some products in the dangerous area. Ayla is also fan of Princess Maya.


Procket is another character which is very smart and mature but still he is bored, slow and grumpy. He is a rock prophet who knows the prophecy and he can’t properly complete the sentences he wants to say and often jumps from one sentence to another irrelevant one during the conversation.


Engilava is a lava engineer by profession who takes pride in knowing everything about the lava and he believes he is also the best lava engineer ever known. He is very good at the problem solving and has the good analytical mind. Engilava is not human and he can survive the meteor shower and can live in Grezorth maze because his body is made up of lava. 

Lava Minion

Lava Minion is another important character and he lives in the Grezorth Maze. Lava Minion can easily walk over magma due to unique composition of his body. As a player you will have to find a way to befriend the Lava Minion. 


Lavasaurus is a giant scary ancient creature who has been living in Grezorth Maze Forever and no one knows the exact age of it. Some stories indicate that it has been around since the beginning of the meteor shower and it can’t be killed or beaten. Lavasaurus doesn’t eat living things and it only eats the lava. 

World of Mazes – Mazes

There are two mazes in the episode 1 and you can go from one maze to another using the teleport gates. 

Aztyle Maze

Aztyle Maze is comparatively the smallest maze in the World of Mazes and the first level of the game will occur there. In this maze, you will meet Gelayon and try to get along with him. Gelayon has been thrown into this maze in a way that no one could help him and you will help him to escape the maze. 

Grezorth Maze

Grezorth Maze is the second maze and it is one of the largest mazes in the World of Mazes. Grezorth Maze has the scary and mysterious look and it is because it has been ruined by meteor showers. Grezorth Maze is home to lava creatures and ghosts. 

World of Mazes – Review

World of Mazes is an excellent VR video game which has a lot of content which will keep you engaged in the game. The storyline is very solid and it is fully backed by solid characters. The game also features the couple of Mazes and each maze has its own terrain and challenges which make the game more fun to play. In the game, you will be solving a lot of puzzle and each puzzle has its side story which makes the whole experience more interesting. The puzzles are really well-placed and you will have to put some effort to solve the puzzles. Adding to all of that, World of Mazes, is a non-violent game which is a rare thing these days. The story encourages compassion and empathy, and for each and every puzzle including dealing with dangerous monsters, you have to find creative non-violent ways to solve the puzzles. RiseAngle development team is currently working on the future episodes of World of Mazes and the company will be adding more new environments, characters, puzzles and stories to the game in the future. If you are looking for a good VR video game with excellent story and solid gameplay, then World of Mazes is for you. 


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