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Worldwide Artistic Inspiration with Sami Ilmola

Worldwide Artistic Inspiration with Sami Ilmola

A great number of people grew up wanting to become famous or at least well-known by large crowds. They had this desire to share their talent and their knowledge with the world, and see their names in shining lights. However, not many are able to achieve it. The entertainment industry is a tough one to break, and only those touched by the magic wand make it through. Artsit extraordinare Sami Ilmola is one of the lucky ones who was able to get his big break and create his own brand.

Sami Ilmola comes from a Finnish middle-class family who motivated him to follow his dreams and never back down from a challenge. At the age of 7, he started taking violin classes. He would stay with his grandmother after school before making the journey to the nearest city for his lessons. His talent is uncanny and it led him to play in a symphony orchestra for five years.

Years later, Ilmola realized his passion and true calling was singing. With his family’s support, he started taking lessons and became trained in opera singing. He has attended prestigious institutions like the Helsinki Conservatory of Music, which has given him the experience he needed to make it in the big world. A great example of this is the success behind his music video Can’t Break Me Down. His latest video On My Way continues to gain in momentous popularity across the planet.

His new album S.M.I. is destined to be a hit and is currently being heard by fans who are giving it great applause. Ilmola’s goal has always been perceived in his songs when he sings “I don’t care who you are / no matter who you love. / Just enjoy life right now.” He is trying to fight for everyone’s rights because he believes you do not need any sort of labels, you just have to be yourself. Throughout his career and with his brand, he has spread the message that you do not need to fit in because it is okay to be unique.

Aside from his musical talent, he also has accomplished a degree in Industrial Design. Designing became another one of his passions, and he decided to combine everything in the creation of his own brand: Sami Ilmola Design; art, design, music, photography, and videography.

Everything he has created, whether it be a product from his brand or a song, was designed to provoke positive changes in the world. He wants to spread a true message through his work that will inspire people to be and do their best in order to see a better life, a better society. You can stand by this message by purchasing any of his designs: the Diamond coat rack, Archi museum shop collection, Tag coat area helper, MTV USB, Malibu sunglasses, Poppy rack, New York City table, Plastica CD holder, and Plastica magazine holder.

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