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You Need a VPN: Three Reasons Why

You Need a VPN: Three Reasons Why

The question about having a VPN on every mobile device is no more a disputable one. The positive effect of having VPN is already proven by people all over the world. The difference between having a VPN and not having is noticeable. Why? Let’s find out.

First of all, do you need a VPN? You absolute want and need to get a VPN if you have ever connected to a public WiFi somewhere in a hotel lobby, airport, store, or coffee shop. A VPN is a necessity if you’re planning travelling abroad or running your own business through the online platform. In today’s article we’re going to discuss why a VPN is a necessity and what it can add to your Internet experience. In case you are already interested, go to and pick a VPN among top services presented on the market.

Here’s Why You Need a VPN

There are millions of reasons to have a VPN on all of your devices, including your PC at home. But the main question is not about the reasons to have one, but about the things you can lose if not using it. Who are all those providers out there, that offer not only free public networks, but also the network you have at home? And who are those users browsing the public networks the same moment you do it?

Public networks are available for anyone who wants to connect to the global web. You’re never the only user who’s browsing the web in a coffee shop, restaurant, or airport. But who are all of those people and what are they doing online at the moment? You can’t know this exactly. So, a professional or even an amateur hacker can share the same network. If your traffic is not encrypted, it can be made visible for that hacker. So, the cyber criminal can monitor what you’re doing on the net at the moment, extracting your unencrypted passwords and nicknames. How to encrypt the traffic? Here comes a VPN.


A VPN is based on the encryption technology, which is coding the traffic you send and receive. In other words, with a VPN your device becomes invisible and your traffic becomes coded for anyone else on the same network. There are dozens of VPNs, but all of them work on the same principle. If you want to read more, go to this site and pick a VPN for yourself to check how everything operates in practice. Encryption for data security is not the only one function of a service. There are three main goals of any VPN:

  • To protect personal data;
  • To provide free access to restricted and geoblocked content;
  • To change your IP address and location, as a result, preventing websites from spying for marketing goals.

You may not realize it, but the web always tracks your location. So, if you don’t want your IP location to be monitored by other websites and your information to be visible, get a VPN right now.


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