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Your Guide to the Best and Most Useful and Luxurious Baby Gifts You Can Give to New Parents

Your Guide to the Best and Most Useful and Luxurious Baby Gifts You Can Give to New Parents

Whenever a new baby is announced, whether it’s with a family member or a friend, we can’t help but get excited, and rightly so. Babies are indeed a delight, and whilst it’s great to anticipate all the wonderful things that come along with babies, from cuddles and laughs to coos and giggles, the next best thing to look forward to, of course, is the shopping. If you are thinking of the perfect gifts for a baby, regardless if it’s for a baby shower or a gender reveal party or the baby’s baptism, it pays to choose your gifts wisely. 

The good news is, it’s relatively easy to choose gifts for babies as they need virtually everything. But if you would like to make sure your gifts will be a hundred percent appreciated, it’s best to choose gifts which are useful and which can make the parents’ lives a little bit easier. It pays to select gifts that are beautiful and even luxurious, especially if you want to make your gift extra special. Here, then is your guide to the most useful and luxurious baby gifts you can give to new parents. 

Your basic choices 

Of course, you have some basic choices – choices that have been tried and tested and proven for years. Baby clothes are always useful, and you can never go wrong with these essentials. You have a lot of options when it comes to baby clothes, from rompers to hoodies to booties and hats and even kimonos, a baby’s got to have it all! 

Another excellent option is a small and cute toy, preferably something fluffy which the baby can hold onto as mummy or daddy fixes their bottle. The great thing about such gifts is that babies can make use of them for a long time, and if you go for a cute little stuffed toy, this is certainly something that both babies and parents can appreciate. If you want, you can go all out with a baby gift set, complete with a blanket, a brush, an item of clothing, and the like. Baby gift sets are particularly ideal if you can’t decide whether to gift the baby with a luxurious cashmere blanket or a convenient and cosy hoodie – you can give both, and more, besides. 

Some of the most popular today:

  • Baby blankets

Baby blankets are a definite necessity for any newborn baby, and parents will absolutely love a baby blanket gift as it’s entirely practical and beautiful at the same time. But the thing is, there are plenty of baby blankets available, and it’s a common gift – so you may want to gift the baby with something extra special. Cashmere blankets are the ultimate in luxury and comfort, and they need not be expensive, either – one great example is the cashmere blanket gift set from Willow & Cole, which even comes with a gorgeous baby hair brush and a beautiful gift box.  

  • Booties 

Booties are handy, and there’s no better way to protect little baby’s tiny feet than with luxurious and cosy booties in the softest fabrics. 

  • Cuddly toys 

Cuddly toys are also a wonderful choice, and what baby doesn’t grow up with his or her preferred soft playmate indeed? But once again, you would want to make an excellent gift and not something that may well be relegated to a corner of the baby’s bedroom or playroom. When it comes to cuddly toys, softness is key, of course, but a unique charm and appeal are essential as well; you’d want something timeless and classic, such as a bunny, a bear, and so on – definitely something the baby can cuddle with for a very long time.

You have other choices as well, from hooded baby towels to hoodies and even customised pillowcases, but at the end of the day, make sure the gifts you choose are of high quality so they can definitely last.

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