Your Sun Sign and Your Compatible Furry Friends

Your Sun Sign and Your Compatible Furry Friends

Photo by Tyler Gray

Which dogs or cats work best with your personality traits? Hmmm, here are some interesting recommendations. FYI its always an interesting relationship, where we as fur baby owners learn more about ourselves, as we relate to our pets. It is a bond that is undeniable one of love and trust in its purest state.

Aries: Who doesn’t love the drive and fearlessness of an Aries! Born leaders who are active and wonderful athletes. Aries would do best with an active, intelligent and adventurous breed


Your dog breeds: Most clever Border Collie, Boarder Terrier, Malinois or a Jack Russel Terrier.

Maine Coon

Cat breed: The energetic Maine Coon or bold Tiger Cat.

Your key phrase: Extended grace to others

Taurus: Lover of creature comforts, you enjoy being surrounded by love and beauty. You like to make a good impression. You are stable, reliable and a bit stubborn. 

Your dog breeds: The Afghan, the affectionate Yorkshire Terrier, the easy going King Charles Spaniel and the sweet protective Rottweiler.


Cat breed : The Observant and very rare Chartreux or playful Turkish Van Cat.

Your key phrase: Restored strength.

Gemini: Curious, adaptable, friendly and extroverted. You love to be inquisitive and you enjoy striking up a light hearted conversations. 


Your dog breeds: Happy go lucky beagle, fun loving and social Labrador Retriever and the playful Golden Retriever.

Bengal kitty

Cat breed: The communicative Siamese or curious Bengal kitty.

Your key phrase: Keep Calm

Cancer: My favorite homebodies, it’s not to say that you do not enjoy physical activity, just more along the lines of gardening and organizing the garage. You are tenacious, highly creative and sympathetic. Your Breeds are loving and family oriented.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Your dog breeds: The Cocker Spaniel, Newfoundland, and Bernese Mountain Dog. The happy and lovable Norfolk Terrier is also a good choice.


Cat breed: The gentle American Short Hair or caring nature of the Birman.

Your key phrase: Faith and enlightenment.

Leo: Passionate warm hearted Leo, you are fun loving and upbeat. You need a loyal fun loving breed with a bit of originality. 

Golden Doodle

Your dog breeds: The playful pug, the dachshund, Golden Doodle, Chihuahua, and the unique and  fabulous English Bulldog. 


Cat breed: Loyal Laverne or lover of attention Abyssinian

Your key phrase: Heart space, friendship and wisdom.

Virgo: Analytical, hardworking, practical and loyal. You always need a project or task dear Virgo.


Your dog breeds: These are some good choices for you. The enthusiastic Brittany Spaniel, the faithful German Pointer, the independent West Highland Terrier, or the clean and loyal Borzois.

American Bobtail

Cat breed: The Loyal and intelligent American Bobtail or shy Persian.

Your key phrase: Inspire, enlightenment and create.

Libra: Gracious and balanced with a love of harmony. Charming and a bit outspoken, you surround yourself with positive people and environment.

Binchon Frise

Your dog breeds: The most affectionate Binchon Frise, the sweet Greyhound, or the loyal American Pitbull.

Scottish Fold

Cat breed: The lover Scottish Fold or the affectionate Ragdoll cat.

Your key phrase: Dreams and creative mind.

Scorpio: Resourceful, fierce and trusted friend. Scorpio you are ambitious, honest and a little passive of those you love. You also have a piercing imposing quality.

Lhasa Apso

Your dog breeds: The Fearless Lhasa Apso, the fiercely loyal and protective giant Schaunzer, the trusted Boxer and the protective German Shepherd.


Cat breed: Cuddly and quite Himalayan cat or smart and social Birman cat.

Your key phrase: Be in the present moment.

Sagittarius: Freedom and adventure are your calling cards. You’re active and like new experiences.

Standard Poodle

Your dog breeds:  the very bright and agile Australian Shepard , the adventurous Standard Poodle, and the athletic Labrador Retriever


Cat breed: The playful and very energetic Siberian or active Savannah.

Your key phrase: Wisdom and strength.

Capricorn: Steadfast, responsible, independent and controlled. You are very ambitious, sensitive, they can be a bit touchy. They make good friends.p[0-o

Scottish Wolfhound

Your dog breeds: The Loyal and stable Doberman Pinscher, the friendly Scottish Wolfhound or the responsive trusting Maltese.

Ginger Cat

Cat breed: Independent Ginger Cat or the pleasant temperament of the British Shorthair.

Your key phrase: Kindness and compassion.

Aquarius: Progressive, fun, intellectually stimulating and original. You dear Aquarian, who better to have on your side when fighting for a cause. A bit eccentric with a bit of energy, you need an active breed.

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Your dog breeds: The very Intelligent and active Border Collie, the extroverted and happy Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, the energetic Mini Pinscher.

Suzanna’s Khao Manee Hamlet

Cat breed: The Communicative Khao Manee or playful Russian Blue.

Your key phrase: Divine Timing and dreams.

Pisces: Friendly, likes variety, wise and a force of creativity they are most sensitive to their home environment and friends.


Your dog breeds: The Belgium Shepherd, the very affectionate Great Pyrenees, loving and loyal Leonberger or the happy loving Norwich terrier.

Exotic Shorthair

Cat breed: Lap Kitty Exotic Shorthair or mysterious and spiritual Black Cat.

Your key phrase: Trust the Universe

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