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How To Work With Nonprofit Executive Search Firms

How To Work With Nonprofit Executive Search Firms

Executive Search Firms

When hiring an executive search company, everyone is focused on the candidate’s background and work experience. While these are vital aspects, most people do not consider some fundamental questions that could uncover problems that could be present. These are five areas you must look into when deciding which executive search firm is best for your business.

The first step is to inquire what the company’s methods of reaching prospective candidates. Executive search firms must explain the methods they employ to attract an extensive but highly qualified candidate pool. Be sure to look for companies that state that they take advantage of the latest technological advances in job searching that allow them to advertise the job opening at a low cost while focusing the bulk of their advertising budgets on niche markets directly connected to the job. Furthermore, executive search firms should be seeking out people who aren’t actively looking. 

Succession Planning

But, reaching out to passive candidates should go beyond the search of their internal databases. Discuss with prospective executive search firms how they use databases on the internet to reach potential candidates. During the conversation, you are at ease asking how many applicants an executive search firm expects to get for the position they are advertising. Beware from executive search companies who focus solely on the number aspects of the question. Be sure to look out for answers which demonstrate that the company concentrates on finding the best candidates, not the most applicants is possible.

Then, inquire what the company’s process is for nonprofit executive search firms an eye out for companies that only examine resumes and conduct interviews. The process of executive search has been involved and involves quantitative assessments as well as extensive references screening. In your discussion, make certain to inquire about how the company converts interviews into numbers. Find out how the company can outdo the traditional recruiting methods and convert the results of a search into quantitative and scientific results. Companies that are focused on the science behind recruiting have better candidates shortlisted as they eliminate hidden biases.

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Thirdly, inquire whether the company has made use of technology in the process of searching. An indication of a red flag is the process of searching, which requires applicants to submit their application by email directly to recruiters, who can print the materials and then review them in person. Any reputable executive search agency has applicants submit applications on their online job portal. It collects and archives all materials submitted by applicants within their application management system or tacking system. Companies that do not have an integrated system won’t handle the number of applicants you typically find when conducting a successful job search. The most qualified applicants will be overlooked, or their information could be misplaced. While not directly related to the application that a business might utilize, an integrated system for managing applicants will also let the customer know that the firm is current with changes in the world of recruitment and can keep up with the latest developments in technology. This is a sign that the business has kept up with technological advancements and changes.

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Fourth, ask about the previous clients. It may sound counterintuitive; however, if executive search firms offer you the names of their previous clients, beware. It could be an untruthful list of candidates who have glowing reviews based on their relationships with the firm, or you can expect constant phone calls from prospective clients. Many companies are prepared to remain private regarding their relationship to an executive-search company because they do not need investors, donors, or other interested parties to know about the process for reasons of financial or political nature. It is important that the executive search firms are required to include a non-disclosure clause in their agreement, and they won’t utilize your company’s name or trademarks in advertising to prospective applicants.

Also, ensure you can verify that the executive recruitment firm you select is focused on your particular industry. For instance, if you’re a non-profit organization, you should select a small company that only works with non-profit clients instead of an international firm with a stronger brand that primarily works for corporate clientele. It is much more likely that you will increase your chances of finding a great candidate for your job by working with a company experienced in the field. Not only will the recruiter possess greater contacts in your industry and will be able to identify the traits of a person which are essential to success in your field.

Nonprofit Associations

If you ask the five questions above when you interview executive search firms, you will be able to find the best firm and greatly increase the chances of finding the ideal candidate to fill your vacancy. In many non-profits marketing departments, there is no consideration, and hardly any time is spent creating an image. Therefore, if you’re going into the New Year frustrated with the way your business is perceived or portrayed by people in the community, or you’ve acquired an internal culture that suggests that your mission should be sold the way it should, this method is for you! The first step is to be aware of the caveat that this method is best for people who work at their wits end in a small development company.

To make this process work, the buck has to end with you. Remove decisions taken by the committee. If you don’t do this, you’ll be sucked into the ego, copy-writing quarrelling and other distractions. The goal for the next seven days is to make a Brand Positioning Statement that is efficient, timely and fluid. It also clearly outlines the things you can do to help other companies.

Searching the Web

A brand is a collection of ideas about your business disseminated to the general public, which can define your business, whether it’s good or bad. The assumptions you make are shaped by everything you’ve shared or engaged with. For instance, if an interested person has a question that isn’t asked of your company and you respond with a knee-jerk response, the public may be emotional instead of factual. What we can do now is to put you in charge of the image your company portrays and its credibility in a way that will last.

Your logo and tagline are likely relevant. If possible, you should build on the brand reputation you’ve built up. Think about updating your logo with recognizable clues. Making or renewing your logo need not be difficult. The one of the most crucial elements of the logo is usually your company’s name or the acronym for your name, along with an appropriate color scheme to match.


Many businesses believe they need to write an extremely detailed and often unread style guide. However, many professionals don’t consider them necessary as they believe that images are not static anymore. This could be due to an event in the news or negative press or a shift in the economy. Therefore, you need to be prepared to adapt as the world continues to change. Change isn’t easy; however, you can ease the transition if volunteers and staff are ready to be flexible, fluid, and open to the possibility of change at any time.

Review all your administrative materials to ensure quick application. Bring your positioning statement into utilizing as quickly as you can. Examine your letterhead business cards, website brochures, newsletters posters, flyers and other items. Also, assign a watchdog to ensure that the quality of your communication and materials is protected. Based on the size of your organization, this responsibility should be given to the person responsible for the fundraising process and marketing. In the case of the Executive Director or you are the Development & Marketing Department and the accountant – it is your additional responsibility.

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