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Sunnyside Title Agency: A Title Company You Can Trust

Sunnyside Title Agency: A Title Company You Can Trust

Having a clear title right before a sale of a property is complete may guarantee that your ownership is valid. This is important, so that no one else may stake a claim to the property you are trying to sell. How involved the title company will be may depend on the regulations and customs of the state, yet regardless, experts recommend the use of a company that’s transparent about their process, communicative and responsive, as well as has a good customer service to assist in making each step go as smooth as possible.

If you are looking for a title company that can provide you the best service and gratification in all your escrow and realty needs, then Sunnyside Title is the best for you! Read on to learn more about the company and its goal!

The Company

Sunnyside Title is a completely licensed title insurer and settlement agent that is committed to provide a professional title, as well as any title-associated services to real estate professionals, lenders, and attorneys. They are a full-service agency that is committed to excellence in both commercial and residential property transactions.

The company is founded by Robert Viggiano & Angela Viggiano in 2018. Further, its name came from Sunnyside Queens and is situated in Bergen County, New Jersey. Aside from serving the local New Jersey communities, they also serve various communities in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York.

Sunnyside Title is very proud of their expertise in commercial and residential title services, and they provide consistently accurate and fast turnaround for all your realty needs. They understand your need for speed and customer service.

Whether you are a realtor, new home buyer, mortgage broker, or an attorney, you may expect the same honesty, attention, and integrity from the company staff!

The Goal

Sunnyside Title strives to provide its customers with the best and utmost possible service and gratification in their escrow and realty needs. Being a family-based company, Sunnyside Title Agency is important for the business to provide hands-on service, as well as to be at the technical forefront of their profession.

The company holds integrity, responsiveness, work ethic, and honesty as pillars of their mission in providing the services their clients need.

The Service

Being a title agency or company, Sunnyside Title acts like a neutral intermediary in closing a transaction. They work will all partakers, including the seller, lenders, buyers, surveyors, real estate agents, and others, in order to bring the transaction in closing the deal.

Once you already have a sales contract, Sunnyside Title may handle the transaction from title work through closing.

A title company like Sunnyside Title do the following services:

  1. Perform title search on your property.
  2. Issue title insurance to the property buyers.
  3. Maintain the escrow accounts and act as an escrow officer.
  4. Supervise the final steps of the closing process.

You will surely be in great hands working with the Sunnyside Title on your next refinance or purchase. All that you need to do is to ask your real estate specialists to use their expertise!


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