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Electric Technology that Keeps You Warm with Style

Electric Technology that Keeps You Warm with Style

You always want to go home to a comfortable place that will keep you warm most especially during the freezing cold winter. Of course, you may imagine a traditional fireplace like the old times with burning coal, natural gas, or wood.

However, we are now living in the modern times, and using a conventional fireplace is seemingly not a practical source of heat nowadays. Do you have an idea of the best solution to keep you warm and comfortable during cold days? Well, you don’t just need an ordinary electric fireplace because you deserve the best for your lovely home.


When it comes to choosing the best electric fireplace for your home, there are important things you need to know and take into consideration. First, let’s define what an electric fireplace is. An electric fireplace is referred to an electric heater that resembles a traditional fireplace without using wood, coal, or natural gas. The main source of power is electricity (1.4 to 1.6 kW). Conventional fireplaces are no longer use that much because electric fireplaces are usually installed instead. You just have to plug an electric fireplace into the wall and benefit from the heat and flame it comfortably provides.

Facts About Electric Fireplace

The first electric fireplace was invented in 1912. It became a most-sought appliance in the 1950s. In fact, the “flame effects” of an electric fireplace have been around since 1981. One of the first techniques of commercial electric fireplaces includes Optiflame which was introduced by Dimplex in 1988. According to Dimplex, they were the first to produce an electric fireplace in 1995 that resembles a “real-like” wood-burning flame. The company launched another fireplace called Opti-Myst in 2008  which came with realistic smoke and flames. After 5 years, Dimplex introduced the Opti-V with flickering flames having 3 dimensional LED crackling logs.


Electric fireplaces are portable without requiring remodeling when it comes to installation. They are economical, safe, and convenient to use. Electric fireplaces don’t require daunting cleaning and maintenance like with traditional fireplaces. In the advent of modern technology, new features and innovative specifications were introduced on electric fireplaces including thermostat or temperature regulator control settings, multiple flame effects, and energy-efficient features. The prices of electric fireplaces differ from the features available, giving high priority to safety and excellent performance. 

Advantages of Electric Fireplaces 

1. Money and Energy-Savings. Once winter strikes, it brings spiking heating bill, and using an electric fireplace is a great way to reduce the heating costs and save energy. An electric fireplace allows heating only certain areas of your home you’re using most of the time. By doing so, you can turn down your central thermostat. An electric fireplace only costs pennies an hour to operate.

2. All Year-Round Usage. The flames and heat of an electric fireplace operate separately. You can use the electric fireplace during winter and even summertime. You can set the mood in your home regardless of the season. Just imagine benefiting from watching the flames without heat to help you relax even during summer. This also works if you want a bit chilly during winter because you can turn off or reduce the heat without shutting-off the flame effect. 

3. Plug and Play. An electric fireplace just requires a standard 120 volts wall outlet. It is easy to install and you can have it up and running within minutes.

4. Safe to Use Everywhere

Because of fire bans, many urban areas prohibit wood or gas fireplaces in small spaces, so the best solution is an electric fireplace. If you are a big city dweller who refuses to forgo a traditional fireplace for the suburbs, then your problem is solved. The same is true for renters who do not want to worry about home remodeling that is not theirs. They are also safe for kids rooms and dorms because electric fireplaces stay cool to the touch.

Disadvantages of Electric Fireplaces

Some people say that electric fireplaces look fake, but this is only true with outdated models because modern electric fireplaces mimic the look and effects of traditional fireplaces. Crackling sound or audio systems are also built-in for a more realistic fireplace. Another common belief about modern electric fireplaces is they are only meant to warm just one room up to 400 square feet. Well, this is what is called as zone heating. That is why electric fireplaces are supplemental heating systems which don’t replace your central heating system.

What to Consider When Shopping an Electrical Fireplace 

When choosing an electric fireplace, you have to consider the manner the unit will be used as well as the size of the space you are heating.  Forced fan electric fireplaces are ideal for areas around 400 square feet. For rooms with a 1,000 square feet size, an infrared quartz unit is the best. The maximum size an electric heater can reach is 1500 square feet. Just remember that the heating you’ll need will also depend on the environment of your home. Spaces with windows, high ceiling, and drafts may retain heat in a different way which can affect the performance of an electric fireplace. 

There are many types of electric fireplaces. A forced fan is a silent fan blowing overheat coils for heat production. For infrared quartz, the heat is delivered via an invisible infrared light, warming the things it touches rather than the air, thus creating a more comfortable surrounding. The heat of an infrared quartz unit leaves humidity in the air to create a more comfortable home. Electric fireplaces are also available as a fireplace insert or log for an existing fireplace and chimney or all-in-one unit. Electric fireplace operates safely even without venting and is cool to touch, which is perfect even if pets and children around. 

Wall hanging electric fireplaces deliver a more modern look and you can hang them on the wall with brackets, like a wall-mounted television. Free-standing models can be used to flush against the flat wall or in just a corner. When it comes to style, electric fireplaces come in modern, traditional, and transitional styles, so you are sure to find the best electric fireplace that can coordinate well with the style of your home. 


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