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How To Choose A Portable Silent Generator For Your Camping Adventure

How To Choose A Portable Silent Generator For Your Camping Adventure

If you enjoy camping and outdoor activities in nature, you know that having a generator is essential to providing an electricity source that will make your trip livable. Whether it’s a quick camping trip or a long trekking or hiking trip, you can rely on it to help you with light, heating, and cooking.

Portable generators are specifically designed to be taken on getaways and short trips. You can still charge your phone, power up your laptop, and cook up breakfast. You need to choose the best generator possible, and we actually mean the quietest generator possible. Having a loud and noisy machine will only ruin your outdoor nature experience and annoy your fellow campers. 

Many factors go into buying the right generator, so knowing what to look for is key. Once you know the options you are looking for, read more about the different brands out there and see the detailed reviews to find the best silent generators for your specific needs and requirements. It’s important that you get better insight so that you are better equipped to make the right decision. 

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing a silent portable generator for your camping needs:


The first thing is deciding on the size of the generator. Generally, there are two sizes that you can find — compact and small, and both will fit into the back of a car. The small generators can generate between 2000 and3000 watts of power, while the compact generator will provide around 1000 watts, but is lighter to carry. As a rule, the more wattage a generator can provide, the louder it will be. So, how many appliances you need to power up at the same time will be your deciding factor. If you only need one or two appliances to run at the same time, then the compact may be a good choice. If you are a big group with many devices that need charging and appliances that need electricity, then go to the small generator but keep some distance from other campers as to not disturb them with the generator noise. That being said, keep in mind that maintaining the quiet environment is key for you to enjoy your camp getaway, so if you can get away with only powering up a couple of devices at one time then go for the quieter compact generator. Generator sizes are measured by their power not their actual size in inches or centimeters. Generators with less than 2000 watts are the lightest and can be carried easily with a handle. 

Determine Decibels 

The second deciding factor in choosing your generator will be the amount of noise produced by the unit. This means the registered noise decibels (unit measuring intensity of sound) your generator is producing. Generator noise comes from the motor and the exhaust and depending on the design some generators can be much louder or quieter than others. You should also know that most manufacturers of portable generators will tell you the noise level data, however, they might not factor in the exhaust noise units. The decibel scale ranges from 0 – total silence– to 140 – a gunshot’s noise. You need to know that for every 10 decibels, the noise level will be 10 times more powerful. For example, a generator that runs at 70 decibels is 10 times as loud as a generator that is at 60 decibels. This will help you gauge how loud your generator might be based on the manufacturer’s data. On the market, the quietest decibel rating of a silent generator is currently at 50 decibels, which is equivalent to a whispered conversation between two people. A small generator can register a decibel reading of 75, which is as loud as a leaf blower. So it is really important to read up on the decibel data on any brand you are looking to purchase and look into the different brands available. 

Gas or Electric 

You will also need to determine which fuel type you prefer for your generator. The most common are gas, propane, and diesel.


Portable silent gas generators are becoming very common. A lot of generators are produced specifically for camping needs and are optimized for portability, fuel efficiency, and low-noise production. For example, a gas inverter generator is designed for quiet operation and can be as low as 50 decibels in noise levels which is ten times less than the common 60-decibel generator. They are also made to be very light in weight and are considered environmentally friendly as they are fuel-efficient. 


If you want to save on fuel costs, then you should go for a silent diesel generator, they are more economical than gas operated ones. A diesel operated generator will need less fuel than a gas-operated one and will run much longer. New models of diesel generators operate quieter than their predecessors and require less maintenance than gasoline generators because there are no carburetors or spark plugs. Diesel is a light grade oil that will protect your generator’s motor from wear and therefore will keep it running smoothly and prevent it from becoming too loud and noisy in the long run.


While propane is not as efficient per gallon of fuel like gas or diesel generators, it serves as a better alternative for clean-burning fuel and is better for the environment and your motor than gas. Propane comes in cylinders that make it near impossible to accidentally spill, and if spilled, propane evaporates right away. It also costs about half as much as gasoline per gallon. Propane engines are generally quieter. Keep in mind, however, propane isn’t the best in cold weather, so look for a generator than can use both gas and propane as an alternative. 

Once you have factored all the elements that need in choosing your generator you will be ready to make an educated purchase. Hopefully, you end up with the perfect silent generator to take on all your camping trips. With the generator, you can enjoy your getaway in nature without as little noise from man-made machines as possible. 


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