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Tips for Using A Solo Ad for Affiliate Advertising

Tips for Using A Solo Ad for Affiliate Advertising

Today, the number of affiliates who are using solo ads is getting higher and higher. Yes, you read it right, you can utilize solo ads to advertise affiliate products. At this moment, there are lots of providers that sell cheap solo ads that work

If you have already decided to buy such ads but don’t know how to use them for affiliate marketing, then this is for you. 

In this post, we will reveal some proven tips that are sure to help you if you’re looking forward to using a solo ad for your affiliate marketing.

Tip #1: Look for a reliable solo ad provider 

Though there are lots of options to choose from, finding an affordable, high-quality, and honest solo ad provider can be very challenging. 

Today, there are plenty of solo ad provider directories out there, but most of them only have a limited number of providers. 

However, if you don’t find a reliable vendor in these directories, consider using search engines. For example, you can utilize your main keyword and the “solo ad provider.” Let’s say, your niche is weight loss, you can type “weight loss solo ad providers”, as simple as that. 

Tip #2: Track and Monitor Conversions and Clicks

The majority of solo ad providers send comprehensive completion reports to their clients. But regardless of this fact, you still need to track conversions and clicks as well. However, you don’t have to worry because there are lots of tools that you can use to perform this task, Google Analytics, for instance. 

Tip #3: Pick A Niche and Relevant Affiliate Products

When it comes to choosing a niche you can depend on your hobby as well as interest. After you choose a niche, you’ll need to select an affiliate product that you’re going to promote. Make sure to choose a product that has an upsell and the price should be low. For example, choose an item that has a base price of $20 because it is easier to sell. 

Basically, the main idea is to make buyers buy an inexpensive affiliate product, and afterward, induce them to upgrade and buy the upsell that should be priced higher. 

Additionally, since you are pitching the product to persons who don’t know you, selling high-end affiliate products will never be easy. Meaning to say, a low-cost product works best here. What’s more, make sure that there is no option form on your sales page. 

Tip #4: Direct link

If you opt to direct link, everything will become a lot easier. Because all you have to do is write a cheesy and short email advertising your affiliate product. Then insert the affiliate link several times inside your email and you’re all set to discharge your email to list.  

By simply following these four tips you will be able to use solo ads to advertise your affiliate products effectively. However, before you place an order for solo ads, make sure that everything is working perfectly at your end to avoid any problem. 


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