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5 Popular Lamp Styles

5 Popular Lamp Styles

When it comes to illumination of living and working spaces, lamps win the game because of their purpose-oriented and ambient luminescence. Correct lighting of your home can give it a theme and unique vibe which could not be achieved otherwise. Whether you want to perform tasks in a leisurely manner or simply want mild lighting of the entire space, lamps work the best. A variety of table lamps stand up and floor lamps are available in a number of different designs in the market. Before you decide on purchasing a table lamp for your home or office space, it is important that you familiarize yourself from the popular lamp styles so that you can be saved from on-the-spot confusion.

1.  The Candlestick Lamps:

Candlestick lamps are an emblem of sophistication, style and class. They have a slender body which takes up less space as compared to other bulky lamps. The slender stands are long and offer a lot of free space around them. You can easily place them in pairs on dinner tables for illumination of food in an ambient and efficient manner. The slender stand is balanced by a heavy but small support which does not easily topple over all the while offering maximum free space. In modern spaces, chrome finished candlestick or buffet lamps look elegant. You can opt for wooden ones if you are hosting a dinner at your farm house or some other ancestral place. You can find them at

2.  The Gourd Lamps:

The Gourd lamps feature a bulky body comprising upon diffused, stacked spheres which look like a gourd. These lamps look perfect as bedside lamps or sofa side table lamps. You can pick from metal or clear glass body. Gourd lamps also have mercury and ceramic bodies from which one can choose according to his taste and preferences. If you are looking for fun et casual-looking lamps to host a casual friend’s meetup, the gourd lamps work perfectly.

3.  The Novelty:

The animal-shaped base of Novelty lamps is the most attention-grabbing feature for the entire crowd sitting in a room. You can place any kind of shade over the eccentric base and it will make a good topic for discussion in a gathering. Moreover, these lamps can also be used in nurseries to provoke the imagination of kids.

4.  The Pharmacy lamps:

Pharmacy or swing-arm lamps are one of the most practical yet stylish lamps you can find in the market. These lamps are best for targeted luminescence for detailed completion of tasks. The pharmacy lamps have simple and highly convenient designs and fit best in conventional spaces or industrial styled living rooms.

5.  The Tiffany Lamps:

Best suited for accent lighting, Tiffany styled lamps evoke the Victorian, Mission or Art Deco themed living spaces. The leaded glass shade has intricate motifs which speak for any of the given art themes. If you are looking for style with an ancient touch, the tiffany lamps are a perfect pick for it. The shade of tiffany lamps holds greater importance than the base of these lamps.

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