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5 Simple Tips for Making Your Home More Comfortable

5 Simple Tips for Making Your Home More Comfortable

This is not going to be one of those smart home articles where you read about how technology can make your home better in every way. While the propagators of a smarter, greener home may have a point, this piece is all about making some inexpensive changes and modifications to your house/apartment that will make you want to stay indoors more. None of these tips will involve any radical changes to your living environment, so this isn’t exactly a remodeling project that will break the bank either. So without any further delay let’s get started.

Make Your Bed Every Day

It sounds simple, and even an unnecessary chore to many, but you would be surprised at how effective this little chore can be in making your home, and especially your bed, more desirable. Apart from being a keystone habit that often leads the individual into developing other productive habits, it’s also hygienic and comfortable to lie in a newly-made bed every night. There’s a reason why our parents used to stress about this and now that you are all grown up, you should encourage the same habit in your children as well.

Heating and Cooling

Just like everything else, the electronic appliances you have in your home need regular checkups and maintenance. If you live in a particularly hot environment, regular AC tuneups will help to keep your home cool and infinitely more desirable than the hot outdoors. If you neglect the heating and cooling systems which are responsible for maintaining the temperatures inside your home at a comfortable level, you will become less attached to your home and sometimes, the changes are so gradual that one may not even be able to detect them.


It is surprising how many people fail to register the fact that clutter causes stress. The less messy your room is, the more comfortable it will feel. Concentrate on removing all unwanted and unnecessary objects from your room. Also, picking up after a messy partner or a child instantly prevents big messes from forming in the first place. The objects that you want and need in the room should all be neatly sorted and organized. This not only makes your room more appealing but it also makes finding things so much easier.

Display Things that Matter

Artistic wall hangings are great but if you can instead put up a picture of you and your friends at an event where you made a lot of happy memories together, it will make your home a much happier place. As human beings, we often attach all kinds of memories and experiences with certain objects and if we can be surrounded by some of them that bring out some amazing memories and a sense of nostalgia, there is no reason as to why you should not do so. We are not only talking about pictures here but also any memorabilia like a souvenir from a vacation or the ball from a winning baseball game; or anything in that line. The only rule is that it must inspire positive emotions in you and others that live in the house.

Invest in Lights

You don’t have to spend any significant money because it doesn’t have to be a rapid process. Select a room and work on it until you are ready to move onto the next. Mostly, the requirements for changing or updating your lights hardly require any heavy investment at all, but their effects on the residents of a home can be absolutely life-changing.

Remove harsh, bright lights completely from the bedroom and opt for bright but ambient lighting in the drawing room. Instead of having a single bright light source in any area, it is preferable if you go for multiple smaller light sources to illuminate a room. The lighting in every room should match the décor and the mood of the place. For example, chandeliers are a good choice for dining rooms and living rooms while sconces are more suited to bathrooms. Proper lighting can significantly reduce stress, ensure better sleep, and bring in an overall feel-good factor.

Provided you take your time and truly invest in some of these ideas to make your home more comfortable than it already is, you will see some drastic changes in the mood of everyone, including you. If you live alone, then the job should be much easier, but if you have a family or live with other people, it’s best that you talk to them about bringing in these changes first. They might be able to give you ideas that are relevant to your particular home and situation.


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