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Best Torrent Clients for Mac

Best Torrent Clients for Mac

It makes no matter what operating system you use because in any case, you’ll be made to deal with downloads. This minute, we’ll bandy about the best and the most useful torrent clients for those individuals who prefer Mac OS X. We reviewed several software products and selected the most worthy ones, for you not to rack your brains over this issue.

Browsing the web, you’ll come across a plethora of solutions, but having analyzed the amount of features or toolbar specifications, we rendered a decision to create the list of the best solutions. You can freely use our list and forget about all issues related to downloads.

The prime objective of all torrent clients is to give users a chance to download files, without any difficulties. A worthy program should run without any glitches and be reputable. Check out our list and select the best option for you!


This is a reputable client developed for the needs of Mac OS X users. Its number one benefit is its size, 1Mb only. Besides, it has many cool options, allowing you to meet the demands of the most fastidious customers and get their act together.

The program was created by BitTorrent. Here is the list of the main options:

  • downloading files consistently;
  • resume interrupted downloads;
  • remote control;
  • the client supports encrypted files;
  • scheduling option, etc.

In sober fact, this solution has many good testimonials, proving the fact that it is a good software product.


This is a torrents download client, allowing you to download various torrent files simultaneously. In other words, this is an application, which encompasses all features a decent torrent client must have. When you prefer this solution, you will forget about all those interrupted jumps between different apps with the aim to download one or another file. The overarching goal of this program is to organize your work with downloads and make it smooth.

Take a look at the list of all options:

  • The program scans the following databases: Kickass Torrents, Piratebay, Mininova, Lime Torrents and others.
  • The possibility to schedule downloads.
  • You can control your downloads through the use of tags.
  • Users can download files from YouTube.
  • The app can subdivide a file into several pieces, allowing users to conduct downloading faster.

This is a cool software product, through the use of which you’ll forget about chaos on your Mac. Furthermore, if you concern yourself with downloads on a recurring basis, this software will speed up your work.


This is one of the oldest torrent clients, existing on the market today. This is an absolutely free solution, developed by BitTorrent. Deluge supports such options as passcode lock, remote control, encrypted downloads, and scheduling. Besides, it is very small in size but if necessary, you can add several third-party plagins and increase the amount of features (some users really do this).

The app is not cluttered with advertisement, which sometimes irritates users and creates a diversion. You also won’t find any unuseful plugins here.

We hope that our list of the most valuable torrent clients will help you orchestrate downloads and you’ll forget about all possible issues that may interrupt or perplex downloading of various files onto your Mac.


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