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Creating Proactive Preventive Maintenance Plan

Creating Proactive Preventive Maintenance Plan

Owing to technological advancement, the performance of medical equipment can be assessed easily. Gone are the days when consumers were just satisfied with a piece of equipment. These days, the expectations of the consumers are also on the rise.

In fact, service agreements are in vogue and the terms and conditions in the agreement have to be adhered to without fail by both parties. There is no room for any discrepancy. And it is due to these norms that the concept of long lasting relationship between vendors and customers has developed and become stronger.

In this article, let us find out how the concept of preventive maintenance plan is applicable to medical equipment manufacturers.

It goes without saying that medical devices have to be maintained well so that they are in running condition always. In fact, a failure to do so might cost someone his life. And this explains the importance of service agreements as applied to medical equipment and healthcare settings. How will you proceed with the preventive maintenance plan for medical equipment maintenance and management? Go through the following steps to know more-

medical equipment

Steps to apply preventive maintenance plan for medical equipment

There are various ways by which you can assure safety for medical equipment and assets. The same has been discussed below.

First and foremost, make sure when you are dealing with medical instruments, you must keep track of the maintenance schedule round the clock. And for this, you must use mobile CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management System. By adopting the program, you are in a better position to assess the progress of work orders and how your team is carrying out the work of scheduled maintenance.

  1. Service Contract Management automation

If your organization has automated the Service Contract, the manufacturers of the medical instruments and apparatus will receive notifications or alerts that can be transferred to the concerned personnel. With the help of service contracts that are automated, you can benefit in the following ways-

  • Receive notification for contracts that are about to expire
  • Set up workflows and email campaigns whenever required
  • Send alerts to the respective teams notifying that preventive maintenance plan is scheduled on a particular day
  1. Schedule repairing beforehand

The concept of preventative maintenance plan is that before there is breakdown of the equipment, the drawback has to be addressed and maintained at regular intervals so that the apparatus does not reach the brink of breakdown. Thanks to IIoT or Industrial Internet of Things. This enables you to work out service contracts depending on the working condition of the equipment.

There are so called IoT sensors present in the equipment/apparatus that will send signals when the equipment is not working up to its optimum level. The system is designed in such a way so that the when the equipment sends signals, work orders are created that necessitates the repair of the part that is not functioning properly

  1. Data analysis for better equipment performance

The IoT sensors generate stream of data that is transmitted from the gadget or device to the manufacturer. This is of immense help as manufacturers are in a better position to understand how to incorporate the changes that can enhance the performance of the equipment. Aside from the above, the accuracy of data transmitted is also good and better than what it would have been had a manual inspection been carried out.

Just as preventive maintenance plan saves a company a lot of cash and ensures that there is infrequent downtime of equipment, automated preventive maintenance plans are even better particularly, in medical sectors where the question of life and death of individuals is concerned.


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