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Cyber Threats Increase In 2019

Cyber Threats Increase In 2019

Cyber threats have been increasing for many years now and they are only expected to increase more as time goes on. These threats come in many different shapes and sizes and companies and individuals alike should be aware of the threats that they face on a day-to-day basis.

Some of the biggest companies out there right now have fallen victim to these kinds of crimes so how do you protect yourself against them when they cannot? In this article, we are going to talk about the increase in cyber threats in 2019 and the best ways to deal with them. Keep reading to find out more about this and learn how to protect yourself.

How Have They Increased?

If you take a look at any news site or social media, you’ll see daily updates that discuss the latest in cyber crimes and it really is quite alarming. According to CIO, last year saw a total of 145 security breaches on companies that have caused serious problems for them. This is 11% higher than the figure was in 2017 and it is clear that this is on the increase.

In the past, cyber threats weren’t as much of a problem as not as many people were aware of how they worked and how they could be used. Since then, they have increased a lot and you will find that there is a serious security breach almost every month that organisations need to deal with as soon as possible. With this increase, it is important to look at why this might have happened.

Why Have They Increased?

There are many reasons why cyber threats have increased in 2019 with the main reason being that more people are becoming aware of just how profitable it can be to become a hacker. When you can take down an entire organisation in a matter of minutes, you can get a lot of cash from them in order for them to continue running. Hackers often ask for their payment to be made in Bitcoin in order to make it untraceable. There is no need for cash to be sent over and no credit card details that they need to provide. This makes everything much easier for the hackers and harder for the victims to trace. 

There has also been an increased awareness of cybercrime thanks to the way in which hackers are being portrayed in the media. Not only are hackers being talked about on Facebook and Twitter but there are also plenty of news articles written about the latest developments in cybersecurity every day.

The popular TV show has Mr. Robot has also been a talking point for many people who are interested in hacking and the way in which cybercrime is conducted. This show features a very advanced hacker group that take down an entire organisation and many of the banks in the world. While this show has many themes including depression and psychotic episodes, it has a large focus on hackers and the world that they live in. Shows like this have increased the awareness of the capabilities of hackers and cyber criminals and have, in turn, potentially contributed to the increase.

Companies That Have Been Hit

Did you know that there are plenty of big companies that have fallen victim to cybercrime in the past year alone? Last year, hackers managed to rack up a massive $1.5 trillion in cybercrime through the exploitation of some of the biggest companies like Facebook, Amazon and Instagram. These are the companies who you might think have teams of experts hired to prevent this kind of attack but they still managed to be victims.

When these companies were hit, there were massive consequences. Those who were affected needed to be informed and it has had a negative impact on their reputation and how their customers see them. How can you trust a company that cannot prevent a hacker from getting in? 

 How To Combat Cyber Threats

With the sharp increase in cybercrime and hackers, you will find that it can be beneficial to learn how to combat these kinds of threats in order to protect yourself, your data and your business if you have one. There are plenty of ways that you can do this including CISSP training which is available online and at night courses. These courses will teach you a lot about cybersecurity and they can help you to protect your data.

Why Is It Important?

You might be wondering why you need to worry about cyber threats but the truth is that they are very dangerous. When a cybercriminal gets into your computer or your network, they can gain access to all of your files. This means that they can send them to whomever they want and show them to whoever they want. This is not ideal if you have plenty of confidential data such as your bank details, address and contacts stored on your personal computer.

For businesses and organisations, cyber threats are even more important as you are the ones holding the data of not only your company but also all of your customers or clients. You have an obligation as a business to look after these people and it is often something which is required by law. If you fall victim to a cyber breach, you risk losing out on customers and having to deal with a fine if you have broken the law in terms of data protection.

Data protection laws differ around the world and so it is important that you read up on the latest changes in regulations to ensure that you handle any sort of cyber threat in the right way. In the EU, for example, the GDPR law has come into effect and this is something which you need to be adhering to if you operate in this area. 

It is important that you understand just how serious cybercrime is and that you protect yourself and your company. Don’t let this important matter get passed you or you will regret it.

As you can see, cyber threats have hit the roof over the past year and they are showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Big businesses and individuals need to be aware of what is going on behind closed doors and they need to be ready to take on any sort of attack that happens on their computer or networks.

If you run a business or store a lot of your personal data on your computer, we suggest that you take some steps to increase your awareness of how to prevent these kinds of attacks and make some changes to your network. Take some training courses, invest in protection software and do whatever you can to stop these from taking your business down.

Hackers are here to stay so make sure to look out for any unusual signs on your network. You should also make sure to stay up to date with the latest news in this area to ensure that you know just what we are dealing with. 

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