Have Water Damage? Here’s What to Do Next

Have Water Damage? Here’s What to Do Next

Water damage can be devastating. A burst pipe or overflowing washing machine can turn any house into a moldy, crumbling mess. 14,000 Americans experience a water emergency per day, and many of them have a bill of around $7,000 to cover afterward. 

If you’re experiencing water damage, you may feel frustrated and at a loss for the next steps. Luckily, there are a variety of actions you can take to get your house back to its former glory. Let’s explore the ways you can restore your house safely and without breaking the bank.

1. Safety

In an emergency, the most important thing is the safety of you and your family. Water can be dangerous, as it can carry deadly electricity, sweep you off your feet, or cause dangerous structural damage to your house. If the water damage turns into a flood, you may need to evacuate your home to remain safe.

Any flowing water above 6 inches can sweep you off your feet, so be cautious around flooded areas. Turn off your electricity at its source and unplug and electric appliances around the damaged areas. Wear gear, like gloves and rubber boots, to protect yourself from contaminated water. 

Some water may contain sewage or bacteria from the surrounding area, so avoid touching it with your bare skin. Try to get any valuables off the floor, such as rugs, appliances, or furniture, and move them to an elevated place away from the water damage. 

2. Insurance

If you have homeowners insurance, then you probably have a policy that covers water damage. If you are unsure, simply call your local agent and ask about your policy. If you are covered, someone will likely be dispatched to your house to assess the damage. Before you start cleaning or hire a service, take pictures of the damaged area to help your insurance company assess the damage for your claim.

Natural disasters, like floods, are generally not covered by a usual policy. If you live in a flood zone, you will need to ask your insurance company about a separate flood policy to protect your home in the case of an emergency. 

3. Services

Many people lack the skills and knowledge necessary to repair and clean up their homes. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe dealing with water damage, you should bring in a professional. Professional services have years of experience with fixing water damage, and you won’t have to sacrifice your safety to fix up your home. 

Finding a service right for you can be tricky. For example, if you live in San Antonio, Texas and you experience frequent water damage, you’ll likely be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of restoration companies around you. 

San Antonio water damage restoration is a hot commodity due to watershed and flood zones around the area. Pick a service that offers everything you need, like mold cleanup, contamination cleanup, and structural repair to avoid spending too much money. 

Companies will often offer bundles to customers who buy several services from them. Find a company with plenty of good reviews and avoid those with none, as they may be untrustworthy. Spend some time finding the best company for you, as picking the wrong company will cost you more money in the long run. 

4. Reassess

After your home is repaired, reassess the situation and figure out how to prevent water damage in the future. Old water heaters, washing machines, and leaky pipes can cause major damage down the road, so consider replacing old appliances and checking your pipes for leaks. A way to check for leaks is to use no water for two hours and check your meter before and after. If the meter has risen, you likely have a leak somewhere. You can hire a plumber to give your house a once over, ensuring that your home is safe in the future.

Water damage isn’t the end of the world. With the right knowledge and safety tips, you can get your home back into shape without breaking the bank.

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