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How Technology Is Impacting Customer Communication

How Technology Is Impacting Customer Communication

No matter what age or gender you are, background you come from and country you live in, there’s no denying that technology is everywhere, so it’s only natural that people are utilising this in every way that they can. Whether businesses are looking into Investment Management Software, or simply want new ways to communicate with their customers online, technology is providing all kinds of ways for brands and customers to interact and work well against one another unlike ever before. We’ve looked into some of the ways that technology is impacting customer communication.

Businesses can have faster, easier communication with their customers.

Even more undeniable than the rise of technology as a whole, is the rising and almost overwhelming power of Social Media and communication online. Brands and businesses can create Social Media profiles, open up instant messaging and even use these interactions to make more efficient, faster paced marketing campaigns. Instant messaging within businesses is becoming a game changer faster than most companies can keep up with. Spam emails and unsolicited calls are still common, and so consumers are reaching for permission-only communication in the way of instant messaging. The question is, can businesses cater for the public demand quickly enough?

Instant gratification

If there’s one thing that has changed about consumerism and what customers expect, it’s just how fast customers are expecting things to happen. Whether it’s the delivery of the orders they’ve placed, or a company’s response to a complaint, the instant gratification era is upon us and brands need to keep up. In a world of wearable technology, faster data connections and the speed of Social Media, it’s easier and faster than ever to communicate with customers, and companies can utilise all of this to get their responses and offers out there right when they’re needed.

Customers determine the offers they receive

Customer’s influencing their own offers isn’t a new concept. We see it every day on our Social Media accounts or in our inboxes – You’ll post a status relating to a brand or a product and within a day or two, Facebook will adjust its advertisements accordingly. You could order an item from a website once, and your inbox will be filled with offers that cater to your buying habits. But could this improve? The answer is a resounding yes, but how brands and businesses go about taking the extra step has yet to be seen.

Simplified tasks

Mobile or online access that simplifies tasks for a consumer will always be a winner in the customer communication race. With the popularity of smart phones, any business that offers a service or product need to have some kind of mobile app for their business. Delivery tracking, quick access to FAQs and communication with the company, product browsing and returns information are all examples of vital tools for a mobile app. Quick, simplified access not only caters to the instant gratification needs of today’s consumer market, but the simple tasks make for an easy, stress free experience that could improve your brand’s image.

Online communication is becoming more human-like.

For big brands, keeping up with an instant messenger just isn’t realistic – unless they have an automated system. Chat bots aren’t uncommon for quick responses, but until now there have been issues regarding the robotic, unrealistic speech patterns and confused answers. But this is all changing. With the improvements in artificial intelligence benefiting even smaller businesses, there’s no denying that technology is making even automated customer communication that little bit more human-like. A personalised touch can make the world of difference to a customer’s experience, so businesses should do their best to make


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