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How to do Team building in 2019

How to do Team building in 2019

Modern team building is a powerful union of innovation and time-tested methods. A good employer will design activities which help to bring his workers closer together, while at the same time making everyone feel relevant and included. As teambuilding in 2019 can be a challenge, it’s often helpful to have a set of tips and tricks to hand, which can help you.

Try and be Relevant

To successfully lead a team building activity in 2019, you need to make sure that you are being relevant. There is no point approaching concepts and ideas which are 20 to 30 years old, because the modern workforce one of heard of them before and aren’t interested.

Utilising technology is often a good way to build proper connections between workers and their managers, but the actual method you choose will be up to you. However, you have to make sure that you are appealing to a modern generation, and that your choice of activity reflects this.

Do Something Different

Sometimes your best chance of successful team building is to do something completely different and off the wall. It means that people have a memorable experience they won’t seem to forget, and at the same time, team building task has been accomplished.

For example, a team of accountants could take part in events at Hamilton Park Racecourse, where they could use their knowledge of probability and statistics to make a small bet on one of the races. It’s a different application of their skills, but at the same time, accomplishes the task of bringing people together.

Don’t Take All Day

Whatever you do, your team building activity should not take all day. 2019 is the age of information being delivered quickly and concisely, with an emphasis on the fast-paced method of learning. Teambuilding is fine, but if you can make adhere to these rules, you have a better chance of people retaining their knowledge.

With this in mind, it is a good idea to make sure that you are focusing on small activities which don’t take massively long but accomplish the purpose you need them to. Teambuilding can be done in the morning if you’re efficient about things, and then you can spend the afternoon familiarising people with processes and systems and policies.

Never Be Overbearing

The age of fear and respect for the boss as an automatic principle is gone. The modern workforce doesn’t have the same innate fear for lost their job, because a lot of them change professions quite frequently anyway.

What we are trying to communicate is that if you are overbearing and pushy when it comes to team building, you will lose the interest and appeal of your workers quite quickly. The best thing that you can do is to organise the events, but then let things evolve naturally. Let your workers mingle on their own time and interact with people at their own pace because this allows them to make more meaningful connections and establish what can be a deeper level of trust than you can artificially create.

Team building in 2019 can be challenging. However, it’s not difficult if you follow the idea that this generation requires a different set of principles than the one that came before it. Teambuilding is not necessarily a fixed resource; it can evolve and grow according to the needs of the person running it. If you can be flexible and varied about how you approach teambuilding, you’ll find that it becomes a much nicer way of doing things, and you get the end result much more smoothly.


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