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How to Manufacture the Best Organic Rose Water

How to Manufacture the Best Organic Rose Water

Skin experts recommend rose water because they keep your skin smooth, supple, and soft. But, instead of using the skincare products that contain regular rose water, why not take it up a notch? That’s where organic rose water comes in. This water is derived from the Damask Rose found primarily in Turkey and Bulgaria. Wondering how to make the best organic rose water? Here’s what you need to know:

Extraction process

Farmers hand-harvest Damask roses. Unlike regular roses, these require additional care. In fact, if you want to make high-quality organic rose water, you need to select the roses that blossomed in the morning. They shouldn’t bloom in the afternoon because by then the moisture from the petals dries up. Rose water manufacturers use two methods to extract organic rose water: distillation or simmering. They derive the oil from the petals, giving a pleasant fragrance. 

  1. Simmering

This is the easiest way to make organic rose water at home. Make sure you pick fully bloomed Damask roses in the morning. Pluck out the petals and put them in a pot. Pour water in the container and boil it with the leaves inside. You will notice the leaves giving out a light pink color, and there are traces of oil also. Let the water cool down for a while. Separate the leaves from the water. Keep this water in a jar in a cool place. This is pure, organic rose water. 

You can apply this rose water directly on your skin or put a few drops in the bathtub while taking a bath. It will keep your skin moisturized. Simmering hardly takes a few minutes. The only thing you need to keep in mind is picking the right roses at the right time.

  1. Distillation 

Although simmering is the easier of the two methods, most manufacturers use distillation to extract the best organic rose water for commercial purposes. This method involves using a distiller. They put the fresh rose petals in the distiller to extract water and oil from the flower. Instead of using water, the distiller uses steam to extract the oil. Experts believe that steam distillation is the best way to obtain significantly more oil from Damask roses. 

Repeated distillation helps to extract even the last drop of oil from the rose petals. Commercial manufacturers can spend significantly more on high-quality distillers to produce organic rose water. But, when it comes to DIY, simmering is still a favorite for homeowners. 

You will often find organic rose water toner that promises to transform your skin, making it softer and smoother. Organic rose water is widely popular for its soothing and nourishing properties. They work excellently on dry, itchy skin. The oil extracted from Damask rose petals help to maintain the skin’s hydration levels. 

So, if you always wanted to use organic rose water, you now have the secret recipe to prepare it in your house. Keep an eye on the timing of the Damask roses, and the rest will fall into place rather easily.


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