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Is Compass Realty in Trouble?

Is Compass Realty in Trouble?

When you’re considering selling your home, you may want to find a realty brand that you feel you can trust. Compass realty may be one such company. However, you may have your concerns based on things you have seen or read over the years. That can be rather understandable, so it may be prudent to try and find ways to gain and retain the level of trust needed for someone to help you manage the buying and selling of properties.

Previous history

You may have kept yourself updated about Compass over the last few years, and seen that they have had both good and bad publicity. The negative aspects can have stemmed from issues with a major real estate website; however, these were resolved. Both that year and the following year, Compass won several awards for some of its work within the real estate industry. This could help to alleviate some of your worries as a company in trouble may not necessarily be awarded, or even allowed to receive them. In addition to this, that negativity may have occurred several years ago. The fact that Compass is still trading could be an incredibly positive indicator that they are not in trouble.


Another avenue you could use to check if Compass is in trouble is the reviews their own employees, past and present, give about the company’s structure and running. A large majority of the reviews have to be positive, which explains the 4.5-star rating that the company has as a whole. On top of this, 91% would recommend them as an employer, and 97% approve of the CEO. These largely positive figures may indicate that Compass is a pleasant place to work and that employees might enjoy working there. From here, you may then feel more assured that an agent you liaise with may be happy in their work, which could allow them to do their best at meeting your property needs.


When you consider how successful Compass has been over the time they have been active, you may think that they keep their profits for themselves. However, Compass wasn’t founded from wealth. Instead, the CEO, Robert Reffkin, came from far more humble beginnings. You may notice that, in interviews, he credits his single mother quite a lot, rather than money or circumstance. Reffkin has also contributed to a number of charitable works, including donating all proceeds from his book to charity. By looking at the philanthropy that Compass is involved in, this may help you to realize that not only are they not in trouble, but they also do a lot of good for those that need support. This may help to humanize them and allow you to see them as caring individuals, rather than as a corporation and brand.

Choosing a realty broker to help facilitate your move can be tough, especially when you have read negative comments about a number of different companies. Taking a deep look into the history of Compass, as well as where it is today, could really assuage those fears.



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