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Make 7 Small Changes to Have an Environment-Friendly Store

Make 7 Small Changes to Have an Environment-Friendly Store

We all have only one planet that we live on. Without people making environment-friendly choices, the plant will quickly become uninhabitable. Retail stores are well known for causing environmental damage. At the same time, small choices can help your retail store stand apart as an eco-friendly store. By making eco-friendly choices you stand to help the environment, save more money and have a good store image.

Here are a few changes that you can make to your store to make it an eco-friendly one.

Power Saving Electronics

Stores need to have many electronic appliances. When you buy electronic appliances for your store you need to check the energy requirement of the appliances. Check the energy rating of the electronic item before purchasing it. You might have to spend a little more to buy energy efficient appliance. But you will be able to save up on your power bills when you buy energy efficient electronics.

Add Some Greenery

Adding plants in your store can do more than just act as decoration. Constant air conditioning air circulating in the store can make the store smell stale. When you add plants to your store fresh oxygen is added to the air constantly. Plants make the store a healthier workspace. You might need to spend a little on maintenance but the store will have a healthy supply of fresh air.

Clean Up Better

Retail stores produce a lot of recyclable trash. Most stores choose to send all of them to the dump. You can choose to save the environment by allowing them to get recycles. Grocery stores throw away ripe or bruised produce even if they are still edible. Instead of throwing them away they can be donated to many organisations that give the food to those in need. The packaging material can be sold and recycled.

Even when it comes to cleaning products, you can choose environment-friendly cleaning products.

Stock the Right Products

When you are stoking any product in your store you need to be responsible. If you stock products that are unethically sourced you set a bad store image. Choose to stock items that are environment-friendly and responsibly sourced. Do away with products that use a lot of unnecessary packaging.

Use Fabric Carrier Bags

What you use to give your customers their items need to be environment-friendly as well. Plastic bags are being phased out around the world. Durable cotton printed bags are a better alternative. Not only do fabric bags last longer they are biodegradable as well.

Steer Clear of Vampire Power

Some appliances when left in “sleep mode” keep draining vampire power. Completely switch off most electronics in the store at the end of the day. Closing down might take longer but the results are worth it.

Light Your Store Efficiently

Buy energy efficient lights to save more energy. You can even choose to install motion sensitive lights in places like restrooms where people go sparingly. Have bigger windows to ensure natural sunlight in during the daytime.

Saving the environment can help you save money in the long run as well.


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