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Simple Steps for Reducing Energy Costs

Simple Steps for Reducing Energy Costs

The cost of energy is probably one of the biggest expenses many households and industries face today and yet in this age when we are all being pressured to “go greener”; whilst renewable energies are in their infancy, those costs could increase dramatically. There is however one solution which could reduce the energy costs, even whilst still using fossil fuels and going greener at the same time. That solution is to have a heat recovery system added to your existing ventilation system.

Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV)

A heat recovery system is a system which can be added to your already existing ventilation system and recovers the heat which would otherwise be lost through that system, which can be as much as 95% in the worst instances and often as much as 60% in the best. Designed to be added to existing systems, a heat recovery system will often make use of existing space such as that found in ceilings or cupboards and so disruption during installation is minimal. Professionals like the world leader in heat ventilation systems, Exodraft, can provide a system which is compatible to your exiting ventilation system and so save the cost of replacing a whole new ventilation system.

How it Works

A heat recovery system extracts heated air from the exhaust of an existing ventilation system and then directs it to a heat exchanger where it can transfer that heat to either fresh, cooler air brought in from the outside or to boilers if required. By doing this less energy is needed in heating and so less cost is experienced, making the money spent on a heat recovery system able to be recouped through lower energy bills in about 2 years. Of course after the cost of the system has been recouped, the reduction in energy costs is converted to profits in a business and savings in a household.


A heat recovery system can therefore make savings in energy costs of up to as much as 20% but other savings are often considered even more important and those are the savings in CO2 emissions as those are said to be the cause of the greenhouse effect. Emissions are obviously reduced because not so much new heat is required as the recycled heat accounts for a percentage. Many industries in many countries are being pressured by governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and often the adding of a heat recovery system can meet the new requirements, eliminating the need for a complete new ventilation or heating system to be fitted which is of course another saving and in many cases, a very large saving.


Any industry as well as being concerned with costs and profits, must also be concerned with safety issues and so many of the more reputable heat recovery system providers, like Exodraft, ensure that besides making systems which are as efficient as possible, are also as safe as possible and so meet all ISO 9001 standards, ensuring international safety standards are complied with.


A heat recovery system requires minimal maintenance but all equipment does of course need maintenance of some kind from time to time, if they are to be relied on to be as efficient as possible. So,even if a heat exchanger does need cleaning occasionally, the more reputable providers of heat recovery systems will allow you to order a heat exchange unit as a replacement so as to ensure uninterrupted production or the loss of heat in a home for any extended period.

The Future

The future will probably see homes and industries using less fossil fuels and more renewable energy but as the renewable energies available today are still in the development stages, they are more expensive and so it will probably be many years before they become a viable, financial option for most industries or for the average home owner.

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