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Some Android Features You Have No Idea About 

Some Android Features You Have No Idea About 

In 2017 everyone handles a smartphone or a Tablet PC. You are lucky if it’s Android-based. Despite the fact of hilarious Android popularity, most people are not computer geeks and a lot of useful functions are hidden from their vision.

So, let’s discover hidden applications and niceties of the good old Android smartphone or Tablet in your pocket.

1) Just one simple action to save your battery

If you feel your device misses the battery power too fast, just change the wallpaper. Something black or dark will be an extremely good choice. It also works for tablets. The good point is that you don’t need to download any battery savers or other apps. Give the black background a try!

2) Turn the webpage into the podcast in one click

Forget about googling various podcasts with some unfamous information. If you really love the podcasts, just turn on your text-to-speech converter on your device. This possibility is waiting to be launched in your settings. You can also mix the articles with the music you love to obtain a customized experience!

3) Forget about frauds with the remote control feature

Simply turn on the remote control feature in your settings. Thus, remote tracking and the ability to lock your device wherever it is can save the valuable information in various cases. The remote control feature is extremely useful. The five-minute sound signal can even save your phone or tablet if it’s somewhere in your home and the silent mode is turned on.

4) Protect everything private. Switch the GuestMode on

If you want for some reason to give your phone or tablet to your pal or neighbor, but the data you keep within it is kinda private, there is a built-in mode for these occasions. Find the user icon in the upper corner of the menu after swiping down from your main screen. Add another user, this is your guest. Apply the GustMode every single time when you need to give your device to someone. You can choose which actions are allowed and restricted in the GuestMode, isn’t it cool?

5) See everything. Every tiny detail

Magnification gestures are the feature available for everyone and extremely helpful for the people having really poor vision. You can activate it by simply going to settings. And after an activation to see some icons better you might just tap on it.

6) Turn your device into a hotspot quickly

Forget about buying a separate 3G modem. Why do you need to waste your money if you are handling a great 3G modem on a daily basis? The activation of this function is kinda simple. Visit your favorite settings menu and turn on the hotspot. This will be useful when you got no internet in your home or office, huh?

7) Head as a device controller

Everyone faced the situations where controlling your device by hands is simply unavailable. There is a solution called EVA Facial Mouse. This is an application, allowing the device to be controlled with the head movements. Do you feel like you live in the future now?

8) An adorable hidden game

This game is hidden in every device that runs on the operating system starting with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. To take a look at it you simply need to visit the settings. Then find out the menu that gives you an information about the smartphone. Tap quickly on the raw giving you an information about the Android version and the game will start.

9) Synchronize your important information. Stay up-to-date with just one device

To store all the valuable emails coming from different mail clients within only one device, you might download a special application, called AkrutoSync and run it. This is an Outlook syncing software for Android, that is pretty simple to run and use. Then you will need to synchronize your various emails as well as Hotmail, IMAP, AOL and others.

From now you are able to see more hidden features on your Android. Discover something interesting within your good old device, have fun!


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