The pandemic depression is real – Brian C Jensen shares guidelines for better mental health

The pandemic depression is real – Brian C Jensen shares guidelines for better mental health

Have you been feeling disturbed, depressed, and stagnated lately? If yes, you aren’t the only one, and you haven’t imagined it. The pandemic stress and depression are real! The COVID-19 outbreak has created havoc on everyone’s mental health. According to the latest studies, the impacts of this virus on mental health are long-lasting and need to get addressed. The Boston University reports suggest that depression rates have increased all through 2020. Close to 80% of adults in the United States have witnessed pandemic depression, which has adversely impacted mental health, which needs to be remedied at the earliest. 

Essential guidelines for mental health by Brian C Jensen

The current vaccination movement has helped people to calm down a little. It made them feel that they had a tool that would keep them secure against the virus. However, the virus mutation that is taking place leaves one uncertain about the future. And that negatively impacts people’s mental health. Hence, it is necessary to curb down the pandemic depression by following a few valuable guidelines:

  1. Speak to your friends and family members

If you have been feeling disturbed and mentally low for a long time, it’s time to seek help, suggests Brian C Jensen. One of the best things to do is seek help from your friends and family first. You need to confide in them and tell them how you feel. That will enable them to understand your situation and provide you with suggestions that might work for you. Also, when you share your condition with your near and dear ones, it makes you feel loved and supported. And that, in turn, enables you to boost your mental health. 

  • Know that you can move through this

The world is not going to stay under the impact of the COVID-19 virus for eternity. It’s just a phase and will pass on soon. The moment you think this, you will know that your depression and sadness are also momentary. Brian C Jensen says that it is essential that you make yourself feel that you need to move through this phase with courage. It will give you hope and not make you succumb to any momentary sadness and feelings of uncertainty that you might feel from time to time. 

  • Speak to an online therapist

The pandemic stress and depression have made people feel triggered. It has made them connect with their inner anxieties and nervousness that lay buried in them for years. Do you find yourself here? If yes, then you need to seek professional help. Today, some organizations provide support through online counseling and therapy. If you opt-in for such a service, you will get to speak with expert professionals who know how to deal with people suffering from pandemic depression. They can assess your situation by communicating with you and providing you with the necessary suggestions to feel better. 

No one knows when this pandemic curve will flatten.  However, it is essential to take care of one’s mind during this phase. If you think you are experiencing pandemic depression, you can opt-in for the above-mentioned guidelines.


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