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The role of encryption technology in data protection as analyzed by Hani Zeini

The role of encryption technology in data protection as analyzed by Hani Zeini

With the advent of technology comes a data breach. It has become a common problem in modern times. Hackers these days are creating innovative ways to get access to the information of other users. Their main motive may differ from individual to individual. However, in this regard, encryption technology has emerged as a solution for data protection. It ensures the insurance of information with cryptography and scrambled code. 

According to Hani Zeini, those individuals, who have a prior understanding of decoding, may read it and identify the password. These days, encryption technology has gained ground as a security tool in the hands of users. Moreover, keep in mind that your valuable data may get used by hackers, which may be detrimental to your firm. 

Hani Zeini explains why you must use encryption technology?

As stated earlier, data breaches are widespread these days. For protecting the same, you have to take specific steps. In this regard, encryption technology emerges as a solution. It has certain benefits that need proper contemplation:

• You may use it across devices: one of the benefits of modern encryption technology is that you may use it across different tech devices. Data on smartphones and other devices get encrypted by default. It is easy to go through the encryption process available in the settings of the device. Also, many of the devices have automatic encryption enabled when they purchase them. Hani Zeini asks readers to keep in mind that these are free and susceptible for protecting your data. 

Depending on your requirements, companies offer file-based and full hard disk encryption. You may go through the different alternatives available in the market for encrypting the contents. After researching the available options, you may choose one which suits your requirement. Keep in mind that multi-device encryption is also available. Recent studies reveal that it is a practical tool that has estimated a 20% increase in demand.

• Avoiding data breach: Depending on the industry you belong, or the category of the employer, specific encryption technologies are available. According to Hani Zeini, it is becoming mandatory for companies to opt for this option for protecting their data. Even in the healthcare sector, the patient’s privacy laws need encryption.

• It ensures safety: These days, the work from the home scenario is widespread. Since workers are engaged in a remote job, companies are making efforts to use these devices frequently. It is not surprising that individuals consider other technological advances to make the work environment safe. Keep in mind that the data bridge has risks that can consume your hard-earned money. Hence, you must take steps to protect your input.

Along with this, data encryption is a privacy safeguard. It helps in keeping the identity of the user secure, along with their data. Remember that the hackers are trying to breach the email addresses by breaking the passwords. Encryption plays an essential role in ensuring cybersecurity. Moreover, keep in mind that recent cybersecurity researchers have discovered a link between an individual data breach and the function of gigantic encryption software.


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