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Tips to Effectively Leak Proof Your Home or Building and Prevent Water Damage

Tips to Effectively Leak Proof Your Home or Building and Prevent Water Damage

Keeping water away from your home can be quite a challenge for most homeowners. This is because plumbing issues can result in excessive moisture while tiny drops of rain can seep through cracks in your roof, walls or foundation. Few drops of water may not cause damage, butwith time, excess water may penetrate through the porous materials causing mould growth, structural damages and other humidity issues. It is important to prevent your property from water damage by waterproofing your home. Here are ways to effectively leak proof your home.

Scrutinize and repair your roof

When your roof is in perfect condition, it will help to waterproof your entire home. This is because it will help your home to withstand all types of weather conditions without allowing any drop of water into your house. Make sure that you inspect your roof and make any necessary repairs before the winter season. Broken tiles should be replaced, while those that are misplaced or loose should be fixed properly to prevent roof leaks and water damage. Premier restoration Company can help get your roof in perfect condition.

Clean your gutters

Debris and leaves can block downspout and drains blocking water from draining effectively from your roof. To prevent this problem, you should clean the troughs, drainpipes and eaves regularly. You should remove any branches, leaves from your shingles and eliminate debris from your gutters. You should also inspect your drain pipes and gutters regularly to replace those that are rusted or damaged. Blocked or damaged gutters can result in water spilling over your wall causing excess dampness and internal leaks.

Main water valve

Make sure that you identify the location of your main water valve. You should ensure that every one in your household knows where your main valve is so that they can shut it off in the event of an emergency. The valve should be easy to use so that even your child can turn it off easily. You can also put a tag on your main water valve for easy recognition. This will help you identify your key valve easily and keep damages by water to a minimum.

Windows and doors

Rain and snow can seep through windows and doors that are badly fitted particularly when there are strong winds blowing against your home. Sealing your windows and doors will prevent water from entering your home and will also boost thermal efficiency of your house. You can waterproof your windows and doors by using weather stripping to seal those that do not close tightly. You can also apply caulk on all sides of the windows to block water from seeping inside the windows. You can also fix a keyhole cover on all your door locks to keep off snow and rainwater. Homeowners can also install storm windows thatoffer an additional protection layer against snow and rain.

Household appliances

You should prevent water damage by checking all your household appliances. These are the dryer, dishwasher, washing machine, water heaters, refrigerator, and air conditioning systems. Inspect the hoses to ensure that those with signs of wear and tear are replaced or repaired immediately. Make sure that the hoses are firmly attached and are maintained in perfect condition always. The filters and drainages of all home appliances must be free from debris. Home appliances that produce moisture around them or have water leaks should be repaired or replaced to prevent water damage.


You should check all plumbing in your house to prevent water damage. These include toilets, bathtubs, showers, and sinks. The drainage pipes of these plumbing spots should not leak while in use. Look around the bathtubs and showers for holes, crack or openings that can result in water leakage and seal them immediately. If the floors or walls surrounding your bathtubs and showers remain wet for a long time after being used, then this may be an indication of damage of a drain pipe or supply line.

Water damage is the number one secret destroyer of your house foundation. Water may affect the core of your home resulting in structural damages and damp wood and walls that can cause mold and mildew growth and invite carpenter ants and termites, which cause additional damages. This is why homeowners must take the necessary steps to protect their home against water damage. Most home maintenance services against water damagewill take an hour or two of your time, but will save you thousands of dollars in the process.


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