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Touching The Peak: Anand Mishra, Founder, And CEO Of Star Infranet

Touching The Peak: Anand Mishra, Founder, And CEO Of Star Infranet

With the idea promoted by Anand Mishra to start the Star Infranet, business owners have now come to the realization that web development service is a must-have for marketing.

Star Infranet is a company that offers strategies that are tailor-made for entrepreneurs. Being the founder as well as the CEO of the firm, Anand has seen the endless number of changes in the web development industry. It gave him an edge to be able to offer only the best service while coming up with new ways to help boost the visibility of his clients online.

He is currently recognized as one of the most successful professional genius in the IT track. However, his success did not come easily. He started working as a software programmer and has worked for several local travel companies. It made him realize the need for a solid online presence. His skills, knowledge, and experience eventually led him to start Star Infranet, his own company.

Today, his company is one of the top providers of web design, development and hosting services in India. With their creative approaches and out of the box thinking to several web development issues, Star Infranet is also attracting a lot of global audiences. The Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited was also awarded for best website.

We had the honor to interview Anand Mishra, CEO of Star Infranet himself as an entrepreneur on the impressive growth of his company, the future of web development and inside tricks for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Q: India has seen the rise of several web development firms. What sets apart Star Infranet from the rest of the competition?

By coming up with an approach that is customized, it gives you the edge over your competitors. Avoid using the same strategy over and over again for all of your clients. My firm takes the time to be able to learn our clients’ businesses so that we can figure out what it is that they need down to the last detail. After this, our specialists will then come up with the accurate strategy that fits any budget and needs of our clients.

Q:  How much has your parent company Tathastu Information Technology Pvt Ltd contributed to your success?

Tathastu Information Technology Pvt Ltd is a software publishing and consultancy company. The company was founded in the year 2010 and since then we have reached out to many clients on a global level. While catering to the different needs, we have been able to expand ourselves and knowledge to a great extent. This helped us become one of the leading names in the industry.

Q: What are some of the biggest challenges that the web development industry is facing today?

Well for starters, the search algorithms are constantly changing all the time, and it becomes difficult for many experts to keep up with it. Another challenge is that the way people navigate the web is also constantly changing, making it near impossible for many to make predictions to make their strategies. Any company should focus on what works currently. This means a significant amount of time should be invested in research. Experts should be willing to do multiple experiments until they hit upon the right strategy which brings to their clients the best results possible. There simply is no shortcut to success and companies should be open to going that extra mile if they want to stand out in the competition.

Q: When creating websites have become easier with so many tips, tricks, and guides available, why one should still think of hiring professional companies?

Content management systems and website builders may be helping virtually anyone to be able to create their own websites in just a few clicks. However, getting the help of a professional website builder definitely has its benefits. It is especially even more important if you want to stand out in the ocean of competitors out there. Having a beautiful website is not enough: you also need to ensure that your website is efficiently optimized, has content that is high quality and overall has the potential to convert visitors into real paying customers. Our firm takes care of all of this so that you can focus your attention only on your business.

Q: For many years you have been the frontrunner in your local market. Are you planning to extend your services to the global audience?

Yes, it is very exciting for us. After providing high-quality services for years, we have now decided that Star Infranet start catering to our international clients. This will bring about new challenges as a firm but we have experienced and skilled teams to tackle all problems head-on.

Q: You have now become the aspiring figure for many aspirants. Can you give any advice?

As a web developer, I learned to master my craft by working hard. As the Anand Mishra Entrepreneur, I have made it my mission to understand the needs of my clients and create effective and new solutions so that they can trust me. The path may not always be clear but always forge your way so that you can enjoy the ride.

He has also launched a digital space for several TV channels which include Aaj Samaaj Newspaper, India News and NewsX. His company has also developed a digital platform for  “The Sunday Guardian,” which is counted as one of the reputed newspaper that is published only on Sundays.

Special thanks to Anand Mishra for sharing about Star Infranet and its history.


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