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Web Scraping

Web Scraping

Web scraping refers to the extraction of data from a website(s). Although the exercise can be done directly by a software user, technological advancement has led to the creation of tools that have made the task easier, such as using a bot or a web crawler.

The exercise typically targets specific information from the sites, copies it, and collects it to a central database.

Web crawling allows a user to gather pages and store them for later processing. There are multiple actions that can be taken on the information found. The content may be reformatted, searched, parsed, transferred to a spreadsheet, and so on.

Some of the techniques used in web scraping include the following:

·      HTTP programming

·      HTML parsing

·      Text pattern matching

·      Human copy and paste

Finding the right web scraping tool

If you want to scrape the web, you can choose to use free tools or paid versions. The internet offers a wide range of this software, but one of the best ones that give you the best of both worlds is found on

There are websites that employ techniques to prevent their content from being scraped. This necessitates the need for a powerful API that can employ tactics that help it get through the security measures.

WINTR web scraping and parsing API is one of the best tools of its kind currently. It has been designed for use by both individuals and professionals.

Users get offered a free online trial or a paid version upon registration. The latter comes with premium features and extra perks that improve your scraping experience.

Among its features include:

·      The ability to bypass CAPTCHA and proxy security measures which, therefore, allows you to request any public webpage you want.

·      The API is also designed to provide scraping services for JavaScript rendered pages.

·      An embedded Cheerio HTML parser that hosts an automated output filtering capability.

With this software, you will be able to build web crawlers that are fully customized and tailored to your extraction specifications. You will thus be able to target any web pages of any structure by making one API request only.

All this can be done on websites from various countries, including the UK, US, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Spain, and France.

What to look for when getting a web scraping software?

There are three main aspects to look out for when seeking out a tool to help you scrape the internet.

1.     Ease of use – you want a software that is easy to use while still providing you with usable and accurate results. It should also be one that takes the shortest time possible to carry out tasks. Moreover, versatility in being able to handle any webpage formats and the simplicity of being customizable are important qualities to factor in too.

2.     Cloud services – this is an essential aspect if you are going to be conducting web scraping continuously day and night. Cloud services will save you on both money and the time spent in the extraction of your data since it works faster than relying on a single computer for the job.

3.     Availability of learning materials – new users who are just getting into web scraping and the use of a web crawler can gain a lot from tutorials, blogs, and guides that show them how to use the software. This will equip them with the relevant knowledge they need and explain its importance to them.

The WINTR web scraping and parsing API provides all these advantages, making it one of the leading software of its kind. It is reliable as a web crawler and also for both simple and complex tasks and carries out every job with ease due to its powerful design. Try out the free version today and scrape or subscribe to its exotic features to experience a taste of its capabilities and you will not be disappointed. 


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