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Wedding band purchasing tips for men: Making a perfect marriage

Wedding band purchasing tips for men: Making a perfect marriage

Wedding vows and the symbolic wedding bands are for life. And since you will be wearing yours for years to come, it should complement your lifestyle and style. So, along with the preparations for D-day, you need to plan for the perfect wedding band as well. The following post lists all the stuff you need to keep in mind while choosing the fitting symbol of eternal love. 

The choice of material

According to Mens Wedding Bands, there are several choices when it comes to the material of the band. 


It is quite apparent and the traditional choice when it comes to wedding bands. These are easy to engrave, and several alloy-based options make gold bands perfect for everyday wear.


The most valuable and rare metal, the natural pearl like the white gleam of platinum makes it an obvious choice for wedding bands that speak volumes about class and style. However, platinum rings require care and maintenance. 


Reflective silver also makes for extraordinary and beautiful wedding bands. Also, silver is a more affordable option when compared to gold. Keep in mind to go for sterling silver, which is by far the purest form of the metal. 


Titanium is extremely durable and lightweight and therefore is the most popular choice for wedding bands. Titanium is resistant to corrosion and tarnishing. Consequently, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. 


Wedding bands made of tungsten carbide can be polished to give it the mirror look, but on the downside; these are prone to cracking or shattering on impact.


Ceramic rings often sport the glossy finish and are rich in hues. Ceramic hues don’t fade even after years of regular use. But similar to tungsten rings, ceramic is also brittle and can break apart on impact. 

Wedding band styles

As far as the band style is concerned, there are the following choices on offer to you. 


These are the classic designs with yellow, gold, white, and platinum hues. Traditional styles are all about subtle artwork and decorative features along with beveled edges. 


You can also go for a more contemporary pattern and design. Styles include the sculpted edges, inlays with ornate patterns, and brilliantly textured finishes. Patterned designs can also yield customized features that bring out the contrast between two different band materials. 


Several contemporary designs sport gemstones. It is all about your aesthetic pleasure, and there are several great choices available for you in the market. There are diamond settings and offset designs to bring out the best from the background metal. Dark gemstones are a rage these days, so black diamond lovers, here is your chance.


The trick is to know your size before you order. There are various online ring size charts available. So, take accurate measurements and find out your size even before you start searching. 


Always time you purchase to perfection. The wedding band is vital so don’t keep it till the last minute. Plan well in advance and keep in mind that engravings and customizations will cost you extra days. 

Preparation and planning are key when you are looking to purchase the right wedding band to make your marriage memorable—all the best for your new life. 

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