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Weight Loss Affirmations That Work

Weight Loss Affirmations That Work

Weight loss affirmations are essential when it comes to accomplishing rapid weight loss and to get the results that last a lifetime.

Because of this, people who have utilized solutions like NLP or self-hypnosis along with exercise and proper nutrition programs have a dramatically higher success rate when it comes to permanent and healthy weight loss.

Of course, it’s crucial that you understand the how’s and why’s of weight loss affirmations so that you can take advantage of them and achieve results that stick.

So if you can’t wait to get to your ideal weight and to enjoy more energy and self-esteem, this straight-to-the-point formula for using weight loss affirmations is just the thing for you.

Weight Loss Affirmations Step One: Set Your Target Weight

The first thing to creating effective weight loss affirmations is to define a specific target weight you would feel great about achieving. A lot of people who want to lose weight end up with the mistake of telling themselves that all they want to do is lose weight. The mistake here is that you’ve been trained to think of losing something as being a bad thing, so when your subconscious is met with the thought of losing, it naturally associates it with negative emotion. You also aren’t giving your mind and body a specific target to aim at. Vagueness doesn’t help here!

If you think about it, no one really wants to lose weight. What people really want is to reach their ideal weight, which is what makes all the difference when it comes to fast weight loss.

TIP: To figure out your ideal weight, it’s a good idea to start with a good target weight calculator or visit your doctor. Don’t try to set a certain weight merely by guessing or because you think only that weight will make you happy.

Weight Loss Affirmations Step Two: Decide What You’re Going to Change

Achieving fast weight loss requires more than positive weight loss affirmations or diet pills. You will have to make certain changes in your activity level and with your diet. If you try to find a way around this, it could wreak havoc on your body, which is simply not worth it. So aside from defining your target weight, try to see exactly what changes you want so that you can achieve them. This will let your subconscious mind know which set of actions to take for your body to lose weight.

Weight Loss Affirmations Step Three: Build Your Affirmations

Once you’ve decided what your target weight is and what you’re willing to change so you can achieve it, you can now start coming up with your weight loss affirmations. To do this, you would need to stick to fundamental concepts of affirmations:

1) They’re in the present tense

2) They’re in the first person

3) They’re affirmative (don’t use words such as: quiet, lose, stop, won’t, no, not etc.)

4) They’re action oriented

Action-oriented affirmations are those that focus on specific actions you’ve set for yourself in step two. They’re something like:

  • “I’m eating healthier foods and achieving my target weight through the reconditioning of my metabolism.”
  • “With resistance training and cardiovascular training, I’m achieving my ideal weight.”
  • “I’m enjoying more energy and self-confidence because of my commitment to an active lifestyle and proper nutrition.”

Take note how all these weight loss affirmations were said in the present tense, that they all have “I’m in it,” and that they are all action-oriented. From there, you can now go to…

Weight Loss Affirmations Step Four: Daily Rehearsal

To be able to recondition your subconscious mind, the weight loss affirmations that you use stick to the same concepts laid down for reconditioning your body. As you are already aware, you can’t just drop by the gym a handful of times and expect to get lasting results. You must make a commitment to making consistent activity and making it a usual part of your routine, and most importantly, enjoy it.

Now you know the secret to conditioning your subconscious mind for rapid weight loss through the use of positive weight loss affirmations.

 About the Author:Carol James is a writer and senior editor at the best writing service EssayLab. She has MA degree in social sciences and writes articles, reviews on the different actual subjects. So, if you have any questions regarding the writing, feel free to ask her.



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