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What Is The Difference Between Window Replacement And Window Construction?

What Is The Difference Between Window Replacement And Window Construction?

When most homeowners decide to make home improvements, they are faced by difficult of going for either window replacement or construction. Choosing between the two can be overwhelming. However, before you finish reading this page, you will understand the difference between the two and thus which one is ideal for your home renovations.

For most people, the difference may seem straightforward- the new construction windows are normally used in new homes. However, it is not as simple as it sounds and many don’t realise the importance of their variations. Here we have everything you need to understand concerning window replacement vs. new windows constructions. 

  1. Understanding Replacement Windows.

Window replacement Toronto exists in two methods-pocket replacement ad full frame replacement. The type of replacement you choose is entirely determined by your home’s condition and what you want to achieve.

Full frame replacement-this involves getting rid of the entire existing window. Jambs, mouldings and frame and then installing a new unit. This is the best window replacement if your window and its elements are in poor conditions.

You may also opt for full frame window replacement if you are installing a window that requires different size or shape of the frame. This is most common cases if you moved into a new home and you don’t like the windows installed.

Pocket replacement- here, only the window is replaced, and the frames, jambs or mouldings are not interfered with. It is best when only window is in bad condition while the other components are in good state.

  • What About Construction Windows

As the name suggests, these windows are utilised when building a new home.

However, there are circumstances when some homeowners decide to use replacement windows in openings they made while constructing the house rather than buying new windows.

One con of construction windows is that they of low quality and less energy efficient compared to replacement windows.

Probably you are asking why? Well, when builders are constructing a new home, they want to save as much as they can, and windows suffer here as compared to the other parts. 

When building a new home, much attention is concentrated on more significant areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. There is that mentality that you can always come back and replace more energy efficient windows after the construction.

  • Other Notable Differences.

Window replacement Toronto is constructed differently paying attention to any detail. They are not designed in a hurry like the mass-produced construction windows. The replacement windows are custom made to fit snugly into the frame. 

Also, these windows are much energy efficient compared to construction windows. Their frames are well reinforced and insulated to offer optimal insulation in any season of the year.

Another important thing is the cost. Most people think that construction windows are cheaper. But what they usually forget is that you have to prepare where these windows will be installed. That ends up adding to its initial cost.


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