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5 Communication Mistakes Almost Every Couple Makes

5 Communication Mistakes Almost Every Couple Makes

Miscommunications find its way, no matter how close you two are or how deeply in love you feel yourself to be. Having a good and healthy communication every day is the most vital thing in keeping your relationship alive. Take this example here, you are close friends with someone for years, but after some time you don’t like hanging around with them, it’s not like you start to dislike them, you just run out of things to say after a while. Same theory goes into every relationship.

Now, if you are going through some problems, here are some things you might be doing wrong.

Assuming others to read your mind

Take this pro tip, never, ever assume anything. Most of the times when we are standing on thin ice in relationships, we start tiptoeing on each and everything the significant other say or do. Like, if they said this, they meant the other thing. No, they said exactly what they mean, there are good chances that you are paranoid. In this situation take a step back, think things through, have a better and broader perspective of everything. Otherwise, you will end up having awkward silence between you two.

Also, the other problem is that you are not sharing your point of view. Instead, you leave it to them to understand without saying a word. How can this ever happen?  How can someone read your mind if you do not tell them straightforwardly what you exactly have up your sleeve?

Making a debate out of every single matter

I have heard people saying, “arguing is a sign of healthy relationship.” Might be true, but arguing on every only matter is never okay, no matter with whom it is. Sometimes if you have different opinions, try not to share them, it doesn’t mean that you have got to change them for the sake of another person, it merely says you do not want things to get worse. You might as well share your opinion on anything when the things are seen to have cool down a little bit. If you do not understand enough, a day will come where you will Run Out Of Things To Say to each other.

Sometimes you win an argument but lose the person, keep your priorities straight that who is more important to you. Being rigid about everything is not a good habit, try to agree with them too. Remember, when you agree with someone, they build more confidence in you, it gives strength to your relationship.

Never interrupt

Just because you think you are the accurate one, doesn’t give you the right to interrupt anyone. Interrupting someone is the most unethical thing to do when someone is speaking. You are stealing someone’s right to share their opinion. Even if they are saying something wrong, listen to them out, then tell them about your opinion.

If someone doesn’t know something, educate them, don’t belittle them. Yes, you are right, but there is no need to be so macho about it.

See things from their point of view

Sometimes neither of you is wrong; you see things from your perspective. You both have experienced different things on different occasions, but are affected differently by that, it doesn’t mean that one of you is wrong, you don’t have same thought of school, and that’s it. in such situations, try to be grown up and see things from their perspective. If you give it a thought, you might come to know that their point of view is more logical and better than yours.


For the love of God, don’t be a teacher. You have better knowledge on something, fine, there is no need to preach it though. Even if your partner is ridiculous, don’t talk down to them. They are a grown up, leave something up to them, don’t dictate it.   


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