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Are You Using the Perfect Mattress?

Are You Using the Perfect Mattress?

Are you aware of the fact that any form of ache in your body, back and neck can have a direct relationship with the mattress which you use? As per sleep experts, an adult spends more than a third of their life in bed, yet the body type of every person needs a specific support level. Not every bed is created equal, so you need to consider some pointers while looking for a mattress which is perfect for you.

Tips to Consider

Before picking the perfect mattress for your bed take a look at these factors carefully,

  • Go Natural-While buying a mattress, check the material it is made out of. Remember you will be spending more than 8 hours on it daily hence choosing natural materials over synthetic or those made with chemicals or glue will be the right choice. Picking wholly natural mattresses are the way to go. Here a good choice will be to buy a mattress made of 100% natural organic latex.
  • Support-The mattress must offer your back with ample support and respond to every part of the spine’s curvature. A good mattress is one that will provide natural spinal alignment when you sleep. The right mattress will have specific support zones to give the proper support to the contour of the shoulders and the back.
  • Size-Before buying the mattress, ensure to lay on it to check whether it fits the size of your body. The length of the mattress matters and you should buy it as per your height to enjoy a comfortable sleep. Couples should go for King size mattresses to enjoy a sound sleep. The good news is in case of a discerning homeowner custom mattress sizes are also available.
  • Density-Along with support for the back, the right mattress must also offer the right comfort. Every person has a specific preference and a different body structure so the firmness of the mattress will also differ to enjoy a good night’s sleep. In case of a double bed – combining mattresses of various densities in a king-size bed is highly recommended. This way every person will take pleasure of their preferred firmness when it comes to the best rest.
  • Assess at Home-Deciding on any mattress only in the store is difficult. So choose a company that offers 100 nights free trial to help you check the density of the mattress. It will help you rest easy learning that you have made the right bet. You can make any form of change in the thickness (soft, medium or firm) in 100 days that too with no additional cost.

Types of Mattress

Today you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the different styles of mattresses available in the market. And if you are worried about the price, then there is some good news for you. Today mattress coupons are available through which you can buy a mattress of your choice at discounted prices. Know more about these coupons here. Now take a look at some of the most popular and widely used mattresses,

  • Memory Foam-In case of great comfort and support, in case of a side sleeper choosing a memory foam mattress will be an excellent choice. The specialty of this mattress is that it will conform to the body gradually as one sleeps. When one sleeps on the side, this mattress will offer the right support to the hip and the shoulder. It will contour to the body allowing the person to feel surrounded partially via the mattress and at the same time being supported. The other perks of using this mattress include it has multiple layers of foam which can resist the tendency of sagging at the center and eliminating the requirement of flipping the mattress now and then.
  • Gel-In this mattress, the gel is added in the upholstery layer or the support system. Its feel is slightly different. The gel mattress will effectively dissipate the body heat.
  • Pillow Tops-If you are not comfortable with a gel mattress or memory foam mattress this may be an ideal choice for you. It is an extra layer of upholstery which you add on the mattress’s top. It is cushiony and soft and will keep the back in an easy alignment. The best part you have the flexibility of selecting the softness level for the pillow top and generally are used with a coil mattress or an innerspring.
  • Innerspring-Coil or innerspring mattresses utilize internal support made of metal springs. The support quality gets measured from the innerspring mattress via the number of coils present in the design. Both the distribution and the number of coils will help in determining as to how well this mattress will adapt with the body. The innerspring bed comes in different coil gauges and spring shapes which can affect the back-support quality. Tummy, side and back sleepers will be comfortable on the ideal form of the innerspring mattress.
  • Air Bed-This uses a chamber full with air in the form of primary support. Here the air chamber has padding made of fiber upholstery or foam. It is adjustable and will enable you in adjusting the mattress’s firmness. Some brands will allow you to change every side of this mattress separately. The air bed is an ideal choice for couples with various firmness needs and also back sleepers.
  • Water Bed-This form of mattress uses water for their primary support system thereby making it ideal for back sleepers. It has a water chamber in a rectangular shape padded with fibers or foam. You can choose between the waveless chamber or free-flow chamber resting on the total flexibility and support you need.
  • Latex Mattress-It uses latex foam, mainly natural materials. This mattress will offer firmness and plushness of varying levels for accommodating the tummy, back or side sleepers. The material latex is dense and is also less heating.
  • Adjustable Bases-This is among the most flexible variety that will offer you with the needed support and relief. The base can be adjusted for elevating the head, raising the feet or offering more back support. The adjustable base is ideal for targeting problems that are sleep-related like sleep apnea, heartburn, acid reflux, back pain, muscle aches and more.

The bottom line is, weigh the pros and cons of each before making the final bet.

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