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Cannabis and Wine

Cannabis and Wine

Both alcohol and cannabis have the most mind-boggling effects. They both have the capacity to relieve stress. They can make a person feel good and happy. With a sip or simple puff, anxieties can easily go away, which explains why they can be quite addictive.

According to a 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 6.2% of adults suffer alcohol use disorder in the United States. For marijuana, a research in 2016 reveals that at least 4 million people meet the criteria for marijuana use disorder.

However, addiction is not the only problem with alcohol and marijuana use. Because of a lack of research or study over the subject, people often overlook that using them together could pose far more significant damaging effects on the body.  

Here’s the problem with taking cannabis and wine or other forms of alcohol.

Pairing Cannabis with Alcohol

In reality, people typically use marijuana and alcohol together to induce greater, far better relaxing or sedating effects. It’s understandable, with absolutely little research, who’s to say they wouldn’t work together? Well, for one thing, alcohol mixed with drugs and other similar substances creates a prolonged effect.

Alcohol is always first metabolized by the liver before any other substance. So while the liver is at work at metabolizing alcohol, the effects of marijuana stay for more extended periods. Here are some of the potential problems based on recent data:

●     Overdose potential

Though we still do lack some research linking cannabis and alcohol mixing to overdose, we have enough studies to prove that it is possible to happen. Considering that alcohol mixed with cannabis increases the effects of both the mixture is potent and has the capability of causing alcohol poisoning or even an overdose.

In fact, an overdose is even more likely to happen due to the effects of cannabis. According to the British Journal of Pharmacology, cannabis has the ability to suppress vomiting due to nausea, and chemotherapy, among others. It thus prevents the body to expel what it normally believes is toxic entering the body. 

Undoubtedly, the effects of cannabis and wine or any alcohol mixed together, especially in high doses don’t only increase the chances of an overdose, but also prevent the person from naturally expelling excess alcohol from the body in cases of alcohol poisoning.

●     Side effects

Cannabis and alcohol have their negatives. With every intake, there are always potential side effects. However, with taking them both, you increase not only the likelihood of these side effects occurring but the intensity and period of time they would affect your body.

By taking both marijuana and alcohol, a person tends to be more tired and more dehydrated. They would hallucinate for longer, have reduced cognitive function, and would have no means of judgment. For others, especially people with anxiety, this feeling could even be more heightened. Allergic reactions can even potentially increase when you use the two together.

●     Psychological effects

Smoking THC or marijuana overtime can cause a greening out or known as an uncomfortable, almost sick feeling. In addition, a person may also experience extreme panic and paranoia. 

While more studies are necessary to confirm these effects, existing studies show that marijuana use can contribute to the development of some mental health issues. These conditions include psychosis, sleep disorders, depression, and eating disorders, among others. It can also increase the risk of psychotic disorders, especially for those who have marijuana use disorders. Smoking cannabis when drinking alcohol will only tend to increase and prolong this feeling even more.

According to a 2001 Journal on Drug and Alcohol Dependence, people who drank while smoking marijuana had almost double the effect of THC than those who don’t. This makes it almost inevitable to develop some form of disorder from constant use.

●     Sedative effects

Cannabis and wine, like most alcohol, are both sedatives. Alcohol calms down the central nervous system causing the person drinking to calm down and fall asleep eventually. For cannabis specifically, one can also experience sedative effects that physically relaxes its user.  In one study, it was revealed that THC actually initiates the production of melatonin – a hormone in the body that promotes sleep.

By taking both, it is clear that its sedative effects would last longer. For people under emotional or mental stress, it can be an excellent gateway to both drug and alcohol dependency.

Your Body and Substance Use

It is important to note that at the end of the day, neither substance is inherently bad. Drinking wine moderately is heart-healthy because it provides antioxidants that are beneficial to the heart. Marijuana helps alleviate chronic pain among patients.

Generally, there is nothing wrong with cannabis and wine in moderation. What is essential is that you make informed decisions on the choices you make. Mixing cannabis and alcohol may seem like fun and games, but with very little study, all of which show only negative effects, it’s best to avoid the idea altogether and stick to using one at a time. 

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