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Drive or Walk The Apple?

Drive or Walk The Apple?

What are some of the ways we travel to our destinations in NYC? How is the way we travel around our beloved city affecting our health, either in a positive or negative way?

Traveling in NYC in an automobile presents a unique set of challenges not found in the majority of other areas of the United States. Our congested streets seem relentless at times. Why is this?

Let’s review some of the health benefits to consider before jumping in an automobile to get from point A to point B. Then, a look will be taken at some of the theories behind why our streets are so congested. Finally, a suggestion will be provided to keep in mind in case you are involved in an accident that does not appear to be your fault.

Your Body Will Thank You

We live here, so we assume, with good reason, what the best ways are to get around the city. This article is going to ask the reader to set aside their preconceived ideas on this and consider a healthy option.

Oddly enough, when a tourist is researching the Big Apple and goes to the Official Guide of New York City, they find out that walking is the best way to get around town. Certainly, if you need to travel long distances, our city is filled with alternative forms of transportation.

Obesity is just one of many of the health issues that has stricken many of our population. Countless diseases can be attributed, either in small part or large, to a lack of exercise. Walking is good not only for the body, it is also a great stress reliever.

Theories Behind the Congestion

Most people have a propensity to indulge in a conspiracy theory every now and then. We have our share in NYC. Linda Schmidt, with FOX 5, wrote a piece last year titled “Why New York City traffic is getting worse”.

What is refreshing about Schmidt’s piece, when compared to some of the other commentaries of recent, is that she leaves out the theories and looks for facts. The reasons given include:

  • Dramatic increase in car services such as Uber and Lyft
  • Delays, and cancellations, with services such as the subway and New Jersey Transit
  • Construction (what more needs said with this?)
  • Increase in e-commerce, which leads to more delivery vehicles

One way to avoid some of the congestion in our city is to walk to our destination. Hello Captain Obvious! However, the benefits exceed our health. Think of it this way – one less vehicle on the roads leads to that much less congestion and, for those environmentally inclined and that drive gas vehicles, that much less exhaust.

When Trouble Happens

Deliveries are necessary, regardless of the city you reside. New York City is no exception. Our circumstances here, as it pertains to delivery vehicles, is unique in how our city is laid out. We know how crowded it gets.

With the traffic congestion, even getting to our city, it would not be foolish to have concerns over how awake and alert the truck drivers are. According to truck accident attorney San Antonio, federal regulations state that these drivers are not allowed to drive more than 14 hours straight in a day.

Keep this in mind when you notice an erratic semi. If, by chance, you find yourself involved in an accident with one of these trucks, and suspect you were not at fault, legal representation is wise. Many times, the driver, or a faulty component, caused the crash. An attorney can help protect you in these circumstances.

We are not talking about “ambulance chasers”, rather legal counsel that works for you. Assists in ensuring the fault is not yours, and then fighting for your financial and personal well-being.

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