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Guide on How to Install Wall Stickers

Guide on How to Install Wall Stickers

Home decoration is important and maintaining the walls is one of the important aspects of it. The walls can be maintained in a number of ways. One of the ways is to apply wallstickers. Wall stickers ensure that the wall remains aesthetic in a cost-effective manner. Compared to wall-paint, installing wall stickers is easier. 

However, there are still many users who do not know how to apply wall stickers. Here are some of the easy steps that you can follow.

  1. Prepare the surface and sticker

Surface and sticker preparation is the first thing to do. A damp cloth must be used to clean the wall. The wall must then be dried completely. The dust particles must be removed. Otherwise, it would cause a problem in adhesion. If the wall is painted before, then you need to make sure it dries it out completely. Then the sticker must be unrolled on the floor and get rid of all the wrinkles. Flatten any rolls. Repeat the process if the wrinkles are too stubborn. 

  • Positioning

Positioning of the sticker matters a lot. Preview the arrangement and get an idea of the sticker’s location on the wall. A level can also be utilized in order to ensure that the wall sticker is straight. Moreover, tapes must be used to get an accurate measurement. Once the position has been finalized, remove all the additional tapes. 

  • Transfer the sticker to the wall

Once the sticker is taped to the wall, the backing paper must be peeled away from one side. This will help the sticker to shift completely to the wall. 

  1. Smoothen the sticker

You can use a squeegee in order to smoother the sticker. Begin from the center and smoothen the sticker on the wall in a gentle manner. Start from the center then work till the outer edge of the wall. It is imperative to work from the center to ensure that there are no air bubbles. 

  • Remove transfer paper

The sticker is now completely on the wall. However, the transfer paper must be covering the sticker. You should begin from one of the corners and slowly peel the paper down away from the sticker completely. But make sure that you do not peel the paper away at a 90 degree angle which will pull the sticker away from the wall.

  • Special considerations

There are several special considerations to take into account whenever applying a wall sticker. However, the two most important are – weather and wall texture. If the surface of the wall is too cold, the sticker might not apply properly. This is why you need to warm the room first and then start with the application. Secondly, the texture of wall have a considerable influence on the application. Stickers will apply properly if the surface is smooth. Highly textured surfaces are not the best places to apply the stickers. So make sure you keep these two factors in mind. 


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