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Handy Tips for Draping a Saree

Handy Tips for Draping a Saree

As saree is very popular Indian attire, we all know the formal way of wearing it. But do you know that some interesting twists in your saree can make you look unique? Yes, there are several draping styles that can make you look stand out among others. Here are some handy tips that can help you to drape your sarees differently:

Bengali Saree Style: The Bengalis have a traditional way of draping the saree. If you remember the look of Vidya Balan in Parineeta, you must know the Bengali look. Though the draping may seem very difficult, it is actually quite easy. In the typical style, the saree can be worn by draping the pallu twice around the body. The wide pleats in the front can be draped generally with handloom, brocade or cotton sarees to give an elegant look.

Kerala Saree Style: If you can wear the saree in typical Kerala style, you can look absolutely sophisticated and stunning. It basically comprises of two sections. The upper section which is draped over the blouse is the Neriyathum. The lower section which revolves round the body and tucked behind is known as the mundu. For trying out this style, you can go for a classy white saree with golden borders or broad zari.

Nivi Style: This is a very traditional way of wearing a saree. The style was basically originated from the Andhra Pradesh and has been accepted by the women throughout the country. The versatility of the style has made it a universal choice for the women. You can easily go ‘nivi’ with a perfectly fitted blouse and an attractive saree.

Gujarati Saree Style: You can easily buy ethnic wear sarees online. The Guajarati saree style is one of the traditional and ethnic styles of Indian attire. With the popularity of the daily soaps, the Gujarati tradition has also been accepted throughout the India. Though the style is very similar to the nivi, the pallu can be arranged in an entirely different manner. Instead of placing the pallu on the left shoulder, you can bring it on the front of the right shoulder. It can be tucked partially in the back or can be left hanging. For sporting this Gujarati look, you require an embroidered saree with a heavy pallu.

Maharashtra Saree Style: Have you ever wondered how the women of Maharashtra wear the sarees in such a compact or neat manner? You will be surprised to know that the sarees can be tucked with your favorite pair of your shorts or Capri instead of a petticoat. You can also complete the look with fresh Jasmine flowers, nose rings and the colorful bangles.

Butterfly Saree Style: A modern way of draping a saree is the butterfly style. You must have seen the Bollywood divas flaunting their butterfly style of draping. It is nothing but a sweet twist with the basic nivi style, where the pallu is kept extremely thin. A mysterious navel show can be flaunted with this style of draping. Pre-stitched or pre-pleated sarees are available online, if you want to sport this look. If you cannot find one, try to drape a lightweight saree simply in the butterfly way with a stylish blouse.

Mermaid Saree Style: Whether mermaid exists or not, it still a debate. But you can flaunt a mermaid look with your saree, if you can drape it in slightly different manner. If you naturally possess a figure with curves, this look will go extremely well with you.

These different draping styles must be very helpful to you to make yourself stand out of others in a glamorous manner!

Author Bio: Rahul Srivastava is a fashion expert who works in In this article, he provides tips for different ways of draping a saree.


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