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How Might We See Microchips Develop in 10 Years?

How Might We See Microchips Develop in 10 Years?

How Might We See Microchips Develop in 10 Years?

Microchips used to be associated mostly with tracking and identifying dogs. They gave owners peace of mind, and an extra safeguard so that they can better protect their canine companions. However, today there’ve been numerous practical developments in their production, which has allowed microchips to adopt a new host of uses and functions. 

But what’re the applications of future microchips? Moreover, who’s leading the charge on these advancements in the technology? Will everyone easily adapt, or will there be some measure of resistance?

Consequently, here’s how we might see microchips develop in 10 years.  

Authorised Access

As previously mentioned, microchips largely revolved around the identification of dogs. However, in many other settings, verifying one’s identity is also often a means of authorisation – whether to perform certain duties at work or to enter specific rooms of a workplace premises. This obviously provides an extra layer of security, and it’s a trend that will likely gain momentum in the coming years. 

For example, insertable microchips have already begun unlocking the future in some circles, used to unlock doors and authorise entry to places like offices, gyms and even homes. Whether it’s for personal or professional use, microchips are seeing more usage for people to gain entry to otherwise secure places. In the next decade, could keys eventually become seldom-used relics of a bygone era? 

Supply and Demand

There’s no way around it, microchips are a very cool piece of technology! Their function in personal and professional lives is something that, not long ago, would have featured in some kind of science-fiction novel or film. It’s the stuff of dreams and wild imaginations that’s now becoming reality; but who’s spearheading that amazing transition?

Well, companies like RS Components are working with the Microchip brand to ensure that the technology is eventually useable by all, and that it ultimately becomes commonplace in all areas. They’re appealing because they provide a low-risk development path and low total system costs, all while focusing on other things like power management, transmitters, receivers, amplifiers, and Interface Integrated Circuits (ICs) too. In the end, the change is being brought about by the best of the best, which will likely see microchips develop into a mainstream feature in the coming years.  

Privacy Concerns

No great change comes without complaints or controversy, especially when it comes to tech. Debate has featured heavily in the microchip integration for awhile now, mainly involving concerns around things like the trust between employer and employee, as well as the privacy of each. Communication, faith and belief in one another are key to a healthy corporate culture, and unfortunately, the microchip shakes these foundations to some degree. 

In response to this, businesses will evolve their attitudes – something which has a huge influence in determining what role technology ultimately plays. While microchips will be used to authorise certain employee movements at work, it’s important that workers aren’t tracked and traced in every waking moment of their professional life, and thus essentially feel like a living computer. Instead, businesses will endeavour to better punctuate the humanity and openness of their culture, and stress that technology is used as a time saving perk, not a tool for spying or enslavement. 


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