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How to Clean a Mattress

How to Clean a Mattress

We all know that almost all of us spend a third of our life in our mattresses. But, when was the last time that you gave your bed a good and deep cleaning?

You probably clean your sofa in your living room more often than your beloved mattress. But, let’s change that kind of habit. Aside from having a good night sleep, deeply cleaning a mattress can make it last longer, prevent it from attracting bed bugs or dust mites, and prevent yourself from seeking the costly service of pest infestations.

Different Types of Dirt

Listed below are dirt’s that are commonly seen in mattresses:

  • Pet and Human Hair
  • Pollen
  • Dead Skin Cells
  • Bed Bugs
  • Dust Particles

The bed bugs can cause mild or serious health problems, there was also a rare case of a kid who died because of constantly being bitten by bed bugs. But, the most common health problems that you may get are allergies and asthma.

Here are 4 steps of How to clean your mattress:

Step 1: Vacuuming

After you remove the mattress’s cover, use a specific mattress vacuum cleaner that has a strong suction, good hot air, strong vibrations, or UV Light. This will surely help to remove all kinds ofdirt, hairs, crumbs, dust, dead bed bugs and more, these procedures usually are the best steps on how to clean mattress.

Or, you can just haul your mattresses out of your house for fresh air and for the natural UV rays of the sunlight. Also give it a good beating by using a tennis racket to shake off the dust, dead skin cells, and others away.

Step 2: Spot the Stains

Look for stains like spilled wine or coffee, sweat, urine, or blood. Removing stains that are on your mattress for a long time will be a bit hard to remove.

Below are different options on how you can remove them:

  • Mix lemon juice and salt until it looks like a paste, thenapplyit on the stain for 30 to 60 minutes. Wipe off the salt after being soaked.
  • Mix the baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and liquid dish soap in a spray bottle. Spray it on the stain and then rub it out by using a clean rug.
  • Use enzyme cleaners like Simple Solutions that chemically breaks down the odors and stains.

Step 3: Deodorizing

If this is your first time cleaning your mattress, then deodorize your mattress by sprinkling baking soda on the entire surface. Leave it for a couple of hours to let it absorb all the excess liquid that is left. Vacuum off the baking soda after the process to make sure that the powder is properly removed.

Step 4: Mattress Cover

And of course, cover your mattress with a mattress encasement to protect it from all kinds of dirt, dust, and keep the bed bugs away. Keeping the mattress covered can also protect it from liquid spills and help keep the mattress dry.

Use encasements that are breathable, safe for everyone, and machine washable. You can purchase a mattress cover from grocery stores or malls.


Always clean your mattresses regularly for the sake of your well-being. Preferably, clean it two times a year. If you don’t have a mattress vacuum cleaner then you can buy them from online shops and home appliances store, these devices are relatively cheap and reliable. It’ll be worth it.


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